A Cultural Tour to Mexico City

on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mexico City is one of the largest municipal areas in the world. Many tourists are attracted towards the awesomeness of this City.

Let’s explore the beauty of this city. There are a lot of museums, traditional neighborhoods, historical buildings, monuments and cultural centers. At every corner, there is a museum with interesting exhibitions. All you have to do is  just walk along the historic downtown. These museums overwhelm those who are interested in history and plastic arts.

There is a Museum named as “National Museum of Anthropology” which unveils life in Mexico from Mayan times to the Spanish conquest. This museum is known for its innovations as it contains the world’s largest collections of archaeological and anthropological objects from Mayan civilizations to the Spanish conquest.

There is a palace which is the center of attraction that increases the beauty of this city. “Bellas Artes Palace” is located on the west of Zocalo, and it’s next to the Alameda central park. This palace is a center of exhibitions and theatrical performances. This Palace also endorses sculptures, dance, music, architecture and literature. The glass curtain in the main theater is the highlight of this Palace. Tourists often visit two main religious temples and these temples are dedicated to the god of war and the god of rain. ‘Templo Mayor’ is also a temple which was built with stones and covered with Poly-chrome paint.

Archaeologists found thousands of objects that can be used as assistance. These objects were excavated from the ruins of this temple. These objects include clay pots, coral, urns, skulls, obsidian knives and a giant sculpture of the goddess of the moon. Mexico City is a center of new experiences and majesties from past centuries. Every corner of the city has mysterious remains of the past. You can hedge from one era to another by just walking across the street. Mexico City’s culture is a mixture of Spanish traditions, food, music, religion and architecture. It is the city where old meets new to create something unique. This city assists to create the most unique cultures in the world.

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