How to Behave in a Co-education System?

on Monday, September 2, 2013

Co-education is a system of educating boys and girls jointly. Today, this educational system is in nearly all countries of the world. It’s economical and creates a will of comradeship between boys and girls. This popular system of education helps students to understand the realism of the actual society.

There are ways to behave in a co-education system. First and foremost, as girls and boys sit together in one place or classroom and study, they study as classmates. Hence, they should always show respect towards each other and behave appropriately.  When classes are conducted, all students should concentrate on the studies and not make fun or tease each other at all. The different students can help each other out, in the aspects of studies as well as different issues, they should always lend their hands as friends. The students must always have a feeling of equality between both genders. The feeling of male domination might disappear from the society if this system of education is given significance. A Point must be noted that the students have to be friendly with each other, whatever their genders are, but they shouldn’t get overly open.

There’s a fine line between being friends and something more, we should tread carefully and not cross over so that we can maintain a healthy environment. All students should treat the teachers properly and appropriately dress up too because it is noticed that girls and boys are really conscious about their dressing habits especially in the co-education systems and at times, they break the dress codes of the students.

It is also felt that since students, especially teenagers, are of sensitive age. The likelihood of their going astray is much more in co-educational institutions, where they have more freedom of intermingling with the other gender. They also do not remain focused on studies. ­­­­­­Therefore, every bit of their focus should be on enhancing themselves as good students.

Here, they learn to respect one another. Though few conventional people are against this system, their outlooks do not hold ground. Co-education causes pleasant relationship, a touch of co-operation, and therefore, helps in the development of the nation.

It should be recognized that in the quick changing society of this century, co-education became very important. Nowadays, girls are entering all careers. Many of them are heading large organizations. Co-education will help youthful boys and girls to mix liberally and understand one another better. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s citizens. We must cheer them to expand their personality in a free, fit atmosphere. Girls no more have to linger confined in their houses. Co-education will aid both genders to work and learn together for the evolution of the country.

At the end, behaving in co-education system is just extremely important. Appropriate behavior should be maintained all times, and when the rule is broken, it surely comes with negative consequences.

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