What is the Role of A Wife?

on Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Wife in a family has a multiple role to play, so many things will depend on her in the family’s success. She is the prime mover of the family engine, as a matter of fact. She takes care of her husband, kids, house, and so on. The responsibilities are quite numerous for a wife. In fact, her role is sometimes difficult to play while compared to a husband’s role in the family.

Especially during the festival occasions, she will have to be on her toes all the while. Everyone else in the family will be enjoying the vacation holidays, while she has to be toiling too much in executing a variety of tasks to perfection. It is a matter of pride to shoulder such responsibilities and make it a grand occasion to be remembered forever.

Apart from all the mentioned above, there are few important qualities that are essential in a wife. First thing is the loyalty to the husband, and respect towards the husband and in-laws. When you are not completely loyal to your husband you cannot like him completely too.

When you are not completely in love with him, then there is always a chance for a misunderstanding during situations of crisis. The ‘I’ factor comes into play more often rather than the ‘V’ factor. Selfishness slowly erodes the genuine mind-set in an individual to bring in calamities one fine morning. You can avoid that when you follow these essentials:

•To be completely open to the husband
•To be suggestive enough during a need
•To render help and assistance when required
•To satisfy his desires completely
•To be affectionate and lovable to him and his children
•To be away from being greedy
•To be able to run the family with what you get

When you are completely frank enough about your thoughts, opinions and ideas without hiding anything, it could be a great asset to your husband. He will be in a better position to understand you. Conflicts will decrease or not arise at all.

Life is full of constant changes. Situations might turn out to be too good or too bad at times. Challenging situations might scare the men too. Suggestions should be kept forward bravely to motivate them to pull their socks and surge further.

Earning is a responsibility from the husband’s side, still he is earning not only for himself but also for the family as a whole, and there is nothing wrong in sharing his duties from that perspective. You could give a helping hand wherever it is possible to do so. If not, staying quite will be helpful too.

Men should not be allowed to wander their thoughts here and there. Distractions should be minimal. For that, they should be focused in what they do. In order to better focus with concentration, they need to be free from lust. Lust cannot arise in a well satisfied physical or mental mind set.

To be kind and affectionate to the children and not to scold or curse or beat them at any point of time, is something that could impress any husband. The affectionate words are essential. Children will return that when they grow up.

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