Five Things Muslim Should Learn From West

on Saturday, September 7, 2013

We all would agree on the impact which the West has had on all of us; our culture, our traditions, our way of thinking, our educational system,etc. What has this ‘impact’ taught us? What has the West taught a Muslim?

Open mindedness:

Those who live in the West are more open minded towards different things. They are not too strict, or rigid in their opinions. I guess, Muslims can all take a lesson from this and learn to be a little more flexible, of course, keeping Islam in mind. Muslims can learn how to evaluate their opinions, every now and then and make the necessary changes. For example, educating girls or empowering women. Muslims can learn how to give more freedom to those who belong to the female variety so that they may also be able to develop an identity of their own.


One of the biggest problems which most of the Muslims have is lack of tolerance and patience. In the West, if somebody has an opinion which is different from yours, that does not mean you go crazy on them. Tolerance is important and Muslims should learn it, especially religious tolerance. Accept those religions which are different from yours, you do not have to follow them or agree to their practices and beliefs, but just accept that there are other religions, apart from yours, which exist in this world.

Say No to Violence:

Unlike Muslims, the people belonging to the West do not consider Violence to be the answer to every problem they face. While, the Muslims think that burning down properties and setting vehicle ablaze will help them to prove their point. This is not how things work. All in all, they are damaging themselves, only. They are not going to get anything out of it. Protests can be carried out peacefully, as well.

Freedom of Speech and Thought:

Those in the West can express themselves more freely, in their speech and thought. We, Muslims, also need to know how to stand up and speak for the things we believe in. Fortunately, Muslims became more expressive with their opinions. I think, this is a wonderful change.

Dignity of Work:

Muslims belonging to the Eastern side of the world, have a tendency to think lowly of someone, who does not fit into their criteria of a ‘respectable’ job  or profession. We should lose this attitude. As long as a man is earning his living through his own hard work and through those means which are allowed in Islam, then he should be treated with respect.

These are just five of the lessons which Muslims can learn from the West. Likewise, there are lessons which others can learn from Muslims, as well. For example, respecting our elders,our family, and being faithful in our prayers.

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