What is the Role of Religion?

on Thursday, September 5, 2013

There are times in our lives when we need to feel and believe that there is a divine power of sorts, which is going to come rescue us and take care of everything. Logic and science are not enough, you need to believe in something more and this is where religion comes in.

The role of religion is very important as it teaches you to hold on to hope, it helps in determining the differences between right and wrong, good and bad, it helps you in setting your morals and values. The basic and most important role of religion is that it gives importance and meaning to your life. It helps you in giving you a sense of direction, a sense of purpose.

Just think about a time in your life, when things went out of control and you were left with nowhere to do nor the idea about what to do. You felt like all your dreams and hopes just came tumbling down to the ground. You felt that there was nobody, in the whole world, you could talk to about what was happening, or even if you did, nobody would understand you. What would you do in a situation like this? You turn to God because deep down in your heart, you know that He is the only one who will listen to you patiently and be totally unbiased.

You know that God is the only one who wants the best for you. If you believe in God then you will also believe in the fact that whatever happens, happens because He decided so, and you will learn to accept and live with that decision. It makes things easier for us when we know and believe that things happen because God wants them to happen and God would never want something bad for us. We trust Him.

Those of us, who choose to walk on the path of our religion, are often met with a lot of difficulties. This happens because religion is often sprinkled with unanswerable paradoxes and questions which seem to have no apparent or absolute answers. However, it is the same religion which gives these same people the power to go on and face these challenges. Religion also helps in settling a lot of issues, which otherwise may become a problem. Religion has a way of providing us answers and assurance related to a wide number of things like death, love, duty, etc. Religion has its challenges, but it definitely offers us security as well as a sense of direction.

It is safe to say that there are societies all over the world, where religion is still considered a very influential force. The role of religion or the meaning of religion cannot be specifically pinpointed, as there is a lot to it, than what meets the eye. Everywhere that you may look around, you are more than likely to find a connection between the various religions of the world, and how they affect the lives of the followers of that religion.

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