Hazrat Abu Huraira Radiallahu Anhu

on Monday, September 2, 2013

Abu Huraira is a widely known name to all Muslims. He is very popular to all believers. In the age of ignorance, he was known as abde shams, then Allah let the light of Oneness in his heart. He left Kufr forever. He accepted Islam as the complete code of his life. After his Islam, the prophet asked him his name. He said his name, then the messenger of Allah changed his name into abdul rahman, then Abu Huraira confirmed the name without any hesitation.

Hazrat Abu Huraira accepted Islam to Hazrat Tofail Ibn Amro Al Dausi, a famous follower of the prophet. He turned into Muslim in Dausi tribe and stayed there. He came to Medina for the first time in the 6th Hijri year. He had been absorbed in prayer of Allah after coming Medina. He always tried to get closer to the prophet. He always stayed in the mosque 24 hours of the day. He learned many things from the prophet. He got the basics knowledge of religion and others from the prophet. He prayed in the leadership of Rasulullah so many times.

Hazrat Abu Huraira didn’t have any child during the lifetime of the prophet. He had a mother at that time who was Kafir till then. He used to call her in the way of Allah and to advice her to believe in one Allah, but his mother refused all the suggestions, advice and invitations. One day, he was doing the work of tabligh to his mother. That day, his mother gave him some harsh words about the prophet. Abu Huraira felt hurt and got back to the prophet to tell him the issue. He requested Muhammad to pray for his mother, then the messenger of Allah prayed for her. When he went back to the house and called his mother, she came out and revealed her believe in Islam. Abu Huraira loved Rasulullah so much. Hazrat Abu Huraira always looked at the face of Rasulullah straight. He said that he has never seen anything more beautiful than his prophet.

He was a grateful man. He thanked Allah as He showed him the way to Hidayat. He thanked Allah for making him the follower of Muhammad. He thanked Allah, because He showed him the way to Jannat and taught him Quran. He learnt thousands of Hadith by heart for the sake of Muslims. Imam Bukhari said, more than 800 people described hadith from Hazrat Abu Huraira.

He passed away in the 57th Hijri. May Allah reward him the best.

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