Getting Deep into Western Culture

on Monday, September 2, 2013

Social Life in the West

The western culture has gone through many changes and alterations throughout centuries, and it still is in a continuum of progressive evolution. The general impression of the west on the world is that people are more likely to have an easygoing attitude and have flexible social lives. The west is known for their diverse culture. Practically speaking, contrasting with people of the East, the West are not conscientious misers; they don’t like saving up their money as an obsession. Once the money comes in, most of them generally spend it in no time, usually on recreational activities and social gatherings. The reason is that the notion of entertainment in the west has a lot of attention and significance; people love going to music concerts, cinemas, festivals, and there are so many attractions that compel people to spend their money. They’re an open-minded, flexible people, who love clubbing, like going out to bars, meeting new people and making new friends. Western people believe in giving complete freedom to their children as soon they become adults and they even keep a relatively less stringent control and check system for their teenage kids as compared to the parents in the Eastern countries, particularly the subcontinent in Asia. The children are at a complete liberty to move out and live alone. Most people stop living with their parents when they reach early twenties. On the other hand, these grown up adults do not always feel that their parents are their responsibility and unlike the eastern world, they do not stick around to take care of their parents, and when parents get really old, they are usually sent to old homes; a practice which is very rare in the East side of the globe.

Recreational Activities

The western culture is really big on sports, whether it is basketball, soccer or baseball, tennis, football or swimming. They attract sports enthusiasts from all around the world. Many global sports events are also organized on a regular basis such as the football world cup, the Olympics and other major tournaments of sports such as Golf and Tennis. These people like going to the Cinema with their families, and they love going to festivals; they have countless annual festivals and shows related to music and food, the occasion could be anything like Halloween, Christmas, Easter or New Years’ Eve; western people love celebrating almost every day of their lives. People in the west also love to go on vacations at least once a year if their financial situation allows. Relaxing and winding down in a place away from their home is their favorite idea of a vacation and these people, as a whole, spend a huge chunk of money on touring other parts in the world.


The western culture gives refuge to a diverse range of cultures as well religious values. Almost all banner men of most religions are found there; Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. Western culture has a history of difference of points of views among all these religions, but now, they are becoming more open to all cultures and religious values, they are adapting a tolerant attitude. The chief religion there is Christianity, but as a whole, there are less devout religious types in the western countries than there are in the Eastern countries. On balance, the western people place more importance on worldly things such as getting an education and a career than worrying about the concept of the life hereafter; a concept which is widely accepted and believed in the Eastern parts of the world. Although Christianity teaches the same thing, there is a growing tendency to place these things further down the list of priorities as compared to the past centuries. However, in all religions there are devout people who are very serious about their religion and orientation of faith, and they look forward to the end of the week when they can all gather in churches, which are found in abundance in most of the western world.

The West is a beautiful blend of a very diverse range of cultures, and it is one of the most interesting cultures to observe.


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