What are your expectations of marriage?

on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Relationships require dedication and care. Every relationship is important, but one must realize that in order to stay happy in a relationship, there must be a commitment to the highest level. Different people have different ways of handling relationships, but in my opinion, relationships always depend upon the expectations. Marriage is a kind of bond that makes you a complete human being but this relationship is quite heavily dependent upon the expectations.

Views about marriage vary from people to people, but if we particularly talk about the general perception, people feel that marriage is a bond in which everything seems to be very perfect.In reality, it’s quite different from what you actually expect. In my opinion, there is some time required to get familiar with the thoughts and approaches. It is not necessary that your partner feels the same way as you are, but these things get difficult for you sometimes.

What I actually expect from my partner after marriage is a level of understanding and that both of us should try to develop compatibility.There is always a probability that your partner is not acting in the way that you would like to see, but in that case one should understand that everybody needs some time to settle in a relationship. Sometime you feel awkward when you are at the early stages of a relationship, but you need to be patient in order to get things settled down. It’s all about “give and take”. When you expect less, you get less disappointed.

It is very common to have some expectations of marriage. You can expect dozens of changes and things during first 2-3 years of your marriage. Most common expectations are following

  • Challenges with finances
  • Romance and affection
  • Loneliness
  • Trials and suffering
  • Conflicts
  • Disappointments
  • Delays
  • Annoyance

It is a known fact that most of the couples experience severe challenges in marriage. It is most important to resolve the conflicts between you and your spouse. There are several ways to resolve the differences, but here are four most important ways to resolve conflicts

  1. You should remember that your marriage won’t grow without love, understanding and communication. You should express your feelings and ideas in a right way. You should be a good listener as well. Communication is the best to clarify your needs.
  2. You should believe that God selected your spouse for you. You should accept your spouse from your heart. Accept the provision of your spouse.
  3. Couples should talk about their dreams and goals.
  4. You will experience conflicts, delays and annoyance after marriage. It is wise to handle the challenges of life in a better way.

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