Asad Mushtaq- an Iconic Legend who Speaks Volume of the Sort of Potential Pakistan Has

on Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Officers training academy was established back in the 18th century, known as Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, which became a part of British Army where Officers got the highest degrees of training. It is one of the finest and oldest military academies found in the world and many iconic personalities were trained from this extensive institute like Field Marshall Ayub Khan and Winston Churchill.

If we talk about Pakistan’s Corporal, then the name of Asad Mushtaq would appear at the top of the list.  It is just because of his outstanding contributions to his motherland. He was successfully graduated from Royal Military Institution on August 9, 2013, he was the proud Pakistani who was honored the highest and noblest award present there. Yes, it was the “Sword of Honor”.

Undoubtedly, this award is considered to be the biggest honor received at this esteemed training foundation and any trainee can achieve this noble price here. This award is purely based on the performance of the cadet and the efforts and dedication he puts in. It is important to realize that this military institution provides the highest quality education to the trainees, both practical and theoretical and winning the ‘Sword of Honor’ isn’t so simple.

Asad Mushtaq wasn’t the first military student from Pakistan who receives this award. Pakistan’s Ahmed Raza won this noble award in 2006, then the trend was followed by Mohammad Talha Zahid, finally Mushtaq won it- truly a moment of pride for our country.

It is the biggest and prestigious achievement for his entire career, and we all can realize what Mushtaq must have felt at that honorable moment, when the Count of Essex presented him the sword, all his dedication, hard work and efforts are pulled off and in the most cheerful way possible.

If someone is already a part of the armed forces, Air force or Navy or to be part of the family and is being nominated for this noble award is considered a great prestige within itself.

Training Period at Royal Military Academy is truly a tough time for all military students.  Every cadet will be tested here from all aspects- both physical and mental. In order to receive the award, every trainee has to do extremely well in all the military subjects found here. If you are a military student, you need to surpass the following fields:

  • Physical training.
  • Academic results.
  • Good leadership qualities.
  • Staunch discipline.
  • Capability of taking decisions and delivering orders.

Besides having good academic results, every cadet has to perform some exercises daily, such as:

  • 70 km hikes.
  • Early morning jog.
  • Digging the trenches and so on.

There are some special and stern rules that have to be followed by each and every trainee for a full year. Some of them are:

  • Trainees are not allowed to sleep before the task is accomplished.
  • Using cell phones are strictly forbidden.
  • Eating chocolates, and facial hair are prohibited.
  • Cadets get only 15 minutes for breakfast and the list goes on.

Not everyone can excel in all these fields, but Mushtaq did it with his enormous intellectual and physical capabilities. Further, more he achieved this award by displaying premium military strategic sense throughout the training session.

We are all inspired by Asad Mushtaq and other Pakistani cadets, who migrate to foreign academies, perform well, surpass all the challenges and yet they are able to win the most prestigious award. Kudos to our soldiers!

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