Why is the Advent of Halaal Tourism a Good Step?

on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Most of us already know what the buzz is all about, for those who don’t let me summarize it for you. Being Muslims we understand there are certain worldly aspects we need to abstain from. Some of them would put the tourists among us in a dilemma when they come to plan their tours. It certainly wouldn’t be a good idea to drop our travelling habits simply because we cannot find places and travel packages that are Islamic enough.

The advent of Halaal Tourism is important in this regard as it gives us an alternative to all the against Islamic customs that we don’t want to cope up with. Such customs are present all around the world and halaal tourism looks to either incorporate Islamic preferences at tourist destinations or to provide us with alternatives that are equally good, if not better.

Here’s why I support Halaal Tourism as much as I do. Islam prohibits alcohol in all its forms, but it is treated as a norm at all the top notch restaurants worldwide. Isn’t it true that there are Muslims who visit those places? And wouldn’t it be much easier, comfortable and simple for us as Muslims, if the hotels and restaurants tried to incorporate our values in them? It won’t harm them in any way but in fact give them extra revenue from the Muslims who have so far avoided visiting those restaurants due to the Haraam food being served there. Same is the case with beaches all around the world; beaches are the best part of any vacation but what happens when you don’t want to bear the immorality in clothing and women etc? Halaal Tourism presents the idea of an enjoyable sun bathe at a beach where women can bathe without having to worry about unknown men and vice versa. It would be a purely Islamic way of going about doing something that is not disallowed otherwise.

As an alternative for the places where such issues are unavoidable, the Muslim world itself has countless attractions that are equally worth a visit if not more. The historical places and the religious sites of India, Morocco, Iran, Saudi Arab, Iraq and countless other countries as well as the contemporary areas of Malaysia, Turkey, UAE can serve our tourism needs completely. I believe it’s just a matter of time before either the world and/or Muslims understand the importance of Halaal in every aspect of life because it certainly is worth it.

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