Main Issues of Israel and Palestine With role of US and UNO

on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has always grabbed the attention of the UN and many other organizations. Israel and Palestine differ a lot in many aspects including their outlook, which always gives rise to many problems among them. The Israeli government refused to accept the Palestinian state while Israel was not accepted by most of the Arabs.

Israelis are in favor of the US more likely while Palestinians are usually undivided in giving a statement that the US supports Israel in this chronical dispute. The Israelis have decided to construct 800 housing units in the areas of Occupied Palestine. This act shows Israeli’s skepticism and lack of commitment to peace.


According to a survey, America is the only country where Americans show maximum number of positive views about Israel, and they are highly in favor of them. After the end of World War II, the United States was one of the prominent nations which encouraged and settled the cease of fire between the Israelis and Palestinians. As Israel is viewed economically among the oil rich Middle Eastern countries, so it is provided with financial and military support. The support of US to Israel left a very devastating effect on the Palestinians. About 3000 Palestinians Children aging between 8-15 are suffering a lot in the region according to the following percentages:

  • 93% of those children were tear-gassed.
  • 85% of them had their home invaded.
  • 55% had witnessed their father beaten.
  • 42% had been beaten themselves.
  • 31% had been shot.
  • 69% had been exposed to more than 4 types of trauma.
  • 28% had their brother imprisoned.

These results shattered the whole Palestinian society. These innocent children definitely don’t deserve to be killed like this. But still the larger American society is in favor of Israel, and they have closed their eyes and turned deaf ears towards these situations.

The Palestinian people are hopeless regarding the help provided by the United Nations. But General Assembly played an active role in solving the conflict between the two countries. Despite all the weaknesses and flaws of the United Nations, it still offers the best chance to lead the conflicting parties in the direction of negotiated settlements.

Moreover, Palestinians and Israelis consider the UN to be biased and inefficient due to many reasons. A UN resolution was passed in the end of 2000 that the UN would look into these violations. This resolution criticized Israel so the US did not like it. The resolution did not support Israel that’s why its effectiveness was ended for the US interests.

It’s the time of calling peace to the frontage. It’s not possible that direct negotiations will work but any such negotiations must be revealed within an agenda with the demand for peace on the top of the list. This is a major conflict which can only be solved by active participation of the UN.

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