MAYAN Calendar Vs ISLAMIC Calendar

on Friday, August 30, 2013

Maya Civilization, one the greatest civilizations in the past. The Mayans invented calendars with great accuracy and great complexity. It belongs to ancient Mayan Pyramid Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. The Pyramid of Kukulkan known as Chichen Itza was built during the late Mayan period and this pyramid was used as acalendar having 4 stairways, each stairway with 91 steps and platform at the upper end of the stairways, total of 365, and equivalent to the days in a calendar year.

The Mayans believed that the end of a World was on 21st of December 2012. Although some of the Mayans elders believed that it will be just a transition of time from one age to another.
Contrary to this, Islamic calendar is purely a lunar based calendar. It consists of 12 months. Each month starts with the sighting of the moon. The calendar is based on Quran with reference to Surah number 9 verses 36 to 37. It is the official calendar in many of the gulf countries but even most of the Muslim countries follow Gregorian calendar for civil purposes and turn to Islamic calendar for religious purposes only.
Today the calendar used throughout the world is known as Gregorian calendar sometimes also known as “Christian” calendar. It was proposed by Aloysius Lilius.

Now when really is the end of the world? Being a true Muslim it is hard to believe on such dates. End of the world is one of the basic beliefs of Islam. There are three periods before the Day of Judgment, The first period began by the death of Muhammad (S.A.W.W), the second one began with the death of his companions and ended a thousand years later.

Currently, we are in the third period, with the end of days beginning with the appearance of Mahdi. There are many signs before the end of the world according to Quran and Islam, most of them are fulfilled but some of them are still remaining. Appearance of the Mahdi is one of the major signs to appear before the end of the world, but yet not fulfilled. Being a true Muslim, it is a basic belief that only Allah knows about the Day of Judgment and no one in this world can even predict the date of this day.

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