Workplace Discrimination in Today’s Era

on Thursday, August 22, 2013

Workplace discrimination or the Unlawful discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfavorably than the other person just because of their race, color, gender, ethnic region or marital status. This discrimination gives rise to serious problems. It can occur in following areas:

  • Selecting staff at jobs
  • Terms and conditions offered as a part of employment
  • A person who receives training and what sort of training
  • A person who is selected for transfer, promotion or dismissal

The most important type of workplace discrimination is “gender discrimination”. Women are more likely to be judged by their looks and dressing. The “glass ceiling” is also a form of gender discrimination. This term is referred here because sometimes there are some invisible barriers for women which prevent them from climbing to the highest ranks. As those higher ranks are offered to men. This is observed at many workplaces, which is illegal.

Unemployment is observed in many places because sometimes hardworking and talented people are rejected because of their race and color. Racial discrimination was observed all time. The selection of employees is done on the basis of their race, which is highly unacceptable as federal, and most states laws forbid race discrimination in every aspect of employment including hiring, promotions, compensation, job training, discipline and termination.

Religious discrimination is one of the most important types of workplace discrimination. Some employers make job decisions because of an employee’s religion. Sometimes employers are treated differently because of their religion. Decisions based on religion are prohibited as religion is a set of practice and beliefs. It should not be the cause of discrimination at workplaces. Employers may not discriminate employees on the basis of citizenship unless a federal law explicitly allows them to do so. Employees are rejected, and they are refused to be hired because they belong to some other state or country.

Some women are dismissed from their jobs because they are pregnant or because of their marital status. Especially pregnant women are discriminated by employers either they don’t give them full pay or forces them to resign or sometimes give them a lot of work that they cannot finish it because of their health condition. It should be strictly prohibited, and these women should be given their rights along with protection.

These are some of the basic types of workplace discrimination which are observed normally in today’s era also. These types of discrimination are pulling people backward. This is unfair for the people who are victims of discrimination. People should be treated equally at workplaces and they should never be judged on the basis of race, religion, gender or color. From the point of view of absolute truth, what we feel and experience in our daily life is all delusion. Of all various delusions, the sense of discrimination between oneself and others is the worst form as it creates nothing but makes a place unpleasant.

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