The Situation of America and Islam

on Friday, August 30, 2013

Living in the United States is a dream of many. Blacks, Asians, and Arabs all strive to get a share of what the United States has to offer. Until the dark September 9 incident, it was all merry and roses for Muslims living in the United States but what have changed now?

Sadly, Muslims no longer find life in the United States a ride in the park. Islam critics as well as fanatics keen on fostering hatred and negative portray. These people want Americans and the larger word to believe that every Islam is a terrorist. The extremists who claimed responsibilities for the September 9 incidents and other incidents targeting American interest across the globe have not done better either, they too have used Islam as a platform for launching their terrorist acts.

It is however sad that the normal Islam who goes about his day life like any other person in American has had to bear the brunt. There is a growing disdain for the Islam among Americans. Kids have been taught to associate the Muslims with terrorism, intellectuals have portrayed Islam negatively, and sadly, Muslims leaving in America have been forced to wear the brand of terrorism by virtue of their religion.

A question one asks, is why America should, a highly educated society condemn the entire Muslim for crime of a few. Many Muslims are peace loving citizens and rarely thin of harming any American citizens. Despite the rate Muslims have grown among the American citizens, many would harm them and after all, they are humans.

Nonetheless, the Muslim community must as well exhibit patience, tolerance and respect for others. Most of the Americans go about their lives oblivious of the policies their government takes against the Arab nations. Sadly, the Islam world has developed a kind of hatred to Americans. The truth is, both worlds need each other. Americans are as important to Muslims as Muslims are important to Americans.

So, who would sober up and tell Americans to treat their Muslim brothers with love and respect and who would tell the Muslims to love their American brothers? This person would be a hero. A key question often surrounding the bad blood between United States and the Muslims is the Israeli question, so, why can’t the Israelis and the Muslim live in peace. Of course, there is nowhere the Jews can go and so, Muslims should simply learn to live with them. Other than these artificial differences we create between us, we are all humans and must learn to live with each other.

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