Islam and the Sustenance of Peace

on Friday, August 30, 2013

All religions of the world preach peace and humanity. I don’t know of any religion that preaches violence instead. Islam although, is the only religion that assures the sustenance of peace along with preaching it. This is a necessity for mankind because humans always have the tendency to deviate from the right path no matter how good they are.

First, Islam instills the feeling of peace and tranquility within all Muslims through the process of obligatory prayers. It detaches the mind from worldly things and brings us closer to our creator; as the 5 day prayers are compulsory Allah has ordered us to stay close to Him. It is not like meditation or voluntary prayers in some other religions, it is a compulsory process that keeps the mind pure and the soul at peace.

Secondly, there is the concept of “Haqooq ul Ibaad” meaning “the rights of humans”. A true Muslim was defined as the Muslim who respects the rights of all his fellow human beings. The Holy Prophet Muhamed (PBUH) was asked who is considered the best Muslim? Our dear prophet replied that he is the one from whose hand and tongue all Muslims are safe.

Even the Islamic law regarding warfare preaches peace as much as possible. Islamic law forbids aggressive warfare. In Islam, even if someone treats you wrong Islam commands you to treat them well in return.

In the battle “Ghazwa-e-Badr” 70 prisoners were taken by the Muslims. All the prisoners were treated with great kindness by the citizens of Madinah and some became Muslims.

Then we have the example of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and how he led his life. Simplicity, modesty, forgiveness, humbleness and humility are the teachings of Sunnah. All of these are the products of peace and tranquility that the Prophet (PBUH) preached. The Prophet (PBUH) was a guiding light for all Muslims showing them the path towards peace and humanity. If we follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), the sustenance of peace will be inevitable.

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