How Non-Muslims think of Hijab?

on Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hijab is one of the common practices followed by Muslim women, but the societies other than the Islamic society don’t think that Hijab makes sense.However, Hijab makes sense if you try to understand its logic.

In the Western culture, women have the authority to do whatever they want to do, and for the same reason they don’t get hesitated in making contact with men. Basically, Hijab is mandatory for every Muslim woman. Not all of the non-Muslims think of Hijab from the same perspective.Some non-Muslims appreciate the Hijab, while others think it’s as an awkward practice. When non-Muslim women see a Muslim woman wearing Hijab, there are lots of questions raised in their minds like; “why are these Muslim women hiding their true identity? Is Islam a religion that forbids women from stepping outside their homes? What’s the point of having half of their faces covered? What are the intentions behind it? Why is the black dress always preferrable for Hijab?”

Personally, as a Muslim I have all the answers to these questions because I believe in Islam’s teachings, but all of these questions need to be answered with logical reasoning in order to convince the non-Muslims that Hijab is a practice that every woman should adopt.

In the last decade, the world changed drastically. Unfortunately, the image of Islam that was portrayed by the western countries is not so good. Hijab is now seen as the practice in which you can have your face and head covered so that no one can recognize you.

Non-Muslims often see the Hijab as a practice indicating that the female belongs to a Muslim family, and it is somehow true that Muslim women should not show her face to any other individual except her husband, brother and father. One of the disappointing facts is that there are many western countries that banned the Muslim women from wearing Hijab. Banning Hijab should be considered a highly unethical practice. Hijab is very important for women because it is a symbol of protection. It is compulsory for every Muslim woman to wear Hijab, not optional. A woman can avoid hundreds of problems and issues after wearing Hijab.

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