Believe in Islam: It Spreads Peace in Humanity

on Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nowadays, people have different opinions about Islam. Just because of few anti-social elements people have started making diverse mind about Muslims and Islam as a religion. However, the fact is completely unbelievable as people from other religions are not having positive feelings about Muslims. There are countless non-Muslims who are promoting terrorism in the world, but people are linking each Muslim with terrorist activities.

Speaking about Islam, there is nothing related to violence. Experts say Islam is a message from God for humanity. It states that people should live peacefully and should help each other in bad times. According to sources, Prophet Muhammad said that people should live freely with religious freedom and find justice on earth.

If you discuss Islam with old Muslims, you will find that Islam was created for the welfare of humanity. Spreading the peace and loving environment was the basic purpose of this religion. However, things are changing now and many people connected to this religion are misguiding people with incorrect Islamic rights. Today, people have changed the definition of Islam, and they are using this religion in a  wrong way. In many Asian countries, people use violence in the name of Islam.

Every religion is special and is having unique qualities that make the followers stronger in the society. We should gather the positive things from every religion and implement them in our society so that nobody has a bad opinion for others. Holy Qur’an is the best way to learn Islam as it contains everything that is linked to Muslims and humanity.

According to Qur’an, if a person takes the life of an innocent human, then he/she has killed the whole mankind. Islam is created to spread peace in the world, but some Muslim people have taken this religion fact in a wrong manner and started using violence in the name of faith. Because of a few anti-social elements, today people have negative perceptions about Islam which is not right. People who don’t have faith in such belief can go through the Holy Qur’an.

If you go through the verses of the Holy Qur’an, then you will learn about the exact facts of Islam. I believe it’s not religion that states to kill anybody, but it’s a thought of a man who is not connected to any religion. A person who is not having faith in God can only kill the other human. People who strongly believe in Islam are always trying for the brotherhood and egalitarianism in society. They say God love those who believe in non-violence.

A Muslim is also a human, but why they have bad feelings for other religious people. Following the Holy Qur’an is the only way for every Muslim to get the right track for their life. Nowadays, education standard is improved, and we have to implement the highest standard in centres, so that people can understand and spread peace to live happily. If we give a good lesson to our children, they will develop the better religious faith and work for the welfare of mankind.

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