Syria-US Saga: What is it all about?

on Saturday, August 31, 2013

Now, that the US is ready to perform yet another act of mass killing and aggression by launching an illegal assault on Syria, its strategy became clear to everyone around the world, and it can’t be any clearer.

Although US keeps bragging about being the only advocate of humanity, it is on the road to destroying all the opposition that it is facing in the region on its way to achieving its goal of being the eternal and the only super power of the world.

The reason of the assault on Syria as stated by US is that they are using highly lethal and dangerous chemical weapons in the territory that can be very deadly for the humanity. As for the “evidence” of the chemical weapons, that purpose is served by the videos that are flooding the internet nowadays. Since it has already been announced by the US Government that any use of such dangerous weapons would be considered to be the declaration of war against humanity, and in any such case, US military would be forced to take aggressive action against the “Rebels”.

The authenticity of the videos is based only on the reports that say it was very “likely” that the chemical weapons were being used. There is no surety whether they are actually being used or not, and US is trying to use these unverified and, very likely, fake videos to repeat the uncontrolled slaughter of innocent humans like it did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, in such circumstances, no rational and unbiased mind will ever accept that US is justified in its actions. Rather, it immediately raises suspicions against US, and when you take into account the fact that the chemical weapons investigators are in Syria, and that Damascus was just about to declare its victory against the rebel groups of the country, you will realize that there are other reasons that have led US to attack Syria. The most obvious reason for the assault can be the personal benefits of US including the one that’s taking hold of Syria allows US to launch an assault on Iran as well. Apparently, the only reason that US has not yet attacked Iran is the factor of distance between the two countries. By destroying all the resistance in Syria, US can establish its bases in there, and that makes it apparently very easy for US to go for Iran.

At this time, we can only hope that US will take things a bit more realistically and  seriously. US needs to learn from its past mistakes, and it needs to be wiser. Clearly, the Syrian war is not for the sake of weapons that we all know. Iran is the ultimate target of this war.  Now, if US government really thinks that this war can be potentially beneficial for them, then it is a deception. US is already suffering; its soldiers are suffering, its economy is suffering, and under such circumstances, they should try to act like one developed nation.

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