Women Enduring Domestic Violence for Several Reasons

on Thursday, August 22, 2013

Domestic violence is the one in which women are abused by their husbands in their marriages. This abusiveness is of many times which may be mental, financial and physical or sexual. It is a well established ideology that a society should be a male dominant but at the same time the efforts for the emancipation of women and the war for equal rights are on their successful way.

There could be many reasons why women tolerate the domestic violence and continue the same sort of life without any demand for separation. Women have a feeling of insecurity outside of their home, and that is one of the many reasons that they continue bearing the torture of their spouses. This is of course to some extent, a thing which is a bitter reality. In the society nobody respects an alone or separated women and she face more problems indeed than that of she was facing before. The family of the female at the time of marriage almost gets rid of the girl and hope never to see her again but as a guest only few days in a year. If she gets problems in her marriage, the wife’s family tries to resolve the issue but separation is not an option for them. They suggest every good thing to their daughter and above all they insist for a compromise in the same miserable situation. There is a lot of moral pressures on the female to not to quit the relation.

And if she has some children, then this moral pressure increases a hundred times more than before. The motherly love is stronger than the odd feelings and pain given by the spouse. A mother then thinks about the future of the kids. A bold step taken by the female may be a risk for her own, but no mother takes the risk for her kids.

The financial matters are the most important for the dependent females. The females who are not on a job or not in a sound financial condition are helpless to take any bold decision and as a result they endure the domestic violence and think that this is the only way of their survival.

Illiteracy and lack of confidence upon their own self are the other possible reasons. Women are afraid they have no right to leave their husbands or take a legal action against him. They are not literate enough and are unaware of their own rights. Now come to the literate women who are suffering from the same violence but are reluctant to raise their voice for their rights. These are the well educated women who are very well aware of the current judicial system and do not believe they can ever find the peace and justice.

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