Problems and Sorrows of Migrant Workers in Dubai

on Friday, August 30, 2013

It is a known fact that Dubai has undergone a huge and remarkable change, from a pearl diving center to an ultra modern city. This massive transformation occurred only in few decades. Now Dubai has become a cosmopolitan society due to its great attraction. Now the architecture of Dubai has entered in the realms of unfeasible construction. Dubai wished to commence intriguing and extremely interesting projects in the past few decades like Hydropolic, Dubai land and the cloud. There are also several other projects under construction. This part of the Arab world offers more rights like freedom to enjoy homosexuality.

Despite all those facts, problems are present in every country in the world. In case of Dubai, the problems are concealed and camouflaged under its external transformation. Most of people have no information about the problems of Dubai. Furthermore, everything is present for sale in Dubai, whether it is political, social and cultural. The whole modernization excitement of Dubai is due to new buildings and structures like Burj Khalifa. This building is famous due to the desert boom. Now the tourism industry is flourishing in Dubai due to tall buildings.

It is reported that millions of workers go to Dubai in search for jobs but they are unable to leave the country. The constructions companies have usurped their passports and they are paid half salary. Furthermore, the construction companies offer extremely deplorable living conditions to workers. Workers are deprived of all facilities like sanitation, good food and travel. Dozens of workers are living in dingy and tiny apartments.

Now Dubai plans to build Taj Arabia to serve as the world’s grandest wedding destination. This idea is very unique and interesting. While it may be ready to offer an extraordinary bargain and draw individuals to its enchanted land with the various incredible glorious characteristics, the front of a mature person Disneyland in Dubai is presently caving in. Individuals come, live in astonishing enormous residences, pay no expenses and live a brilliant life. Then again, exceptionally soon, the incognito obligation, they had been taking, heaps up and the ‘do-purchase’ drug quits calming them into a profound rest.

All the time, individuals stop their employments to reimburse the measure however get less cash from what is written on their agreements. Their records get solidified and they are disallowed from leaving the country. The ensuing court hearings are in Arabic without any interpretation which intensifies the wretchedness of transient labor.  Under the good and wonderful aspects of Dubai, lies a brutal and unkind world. The lack of fair and cheap judicial system is another problem for foreigners. There is no improvement in the life of workers.

Workers enter Dubai to make their life comfortable but they experience serious life threatening problems there. Most of construction companies trap the workers and provide very poor living conditions. There is need to increase the lifestyle and condition of foreign workers in Dubai to improve the image of this country.

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