Egypt: Does the West change the meaning of democracy in the matter of Muslims?

on Monday, August 26, 2013

While the Egyptian Army is busy with Morsi supporters in Egypt, the west and nearby liberals both have turned quiet and noiseless. It is expected that the viciousness will rise once the Egyptian guard resumes its standard working technique.

Champions of peace and democracy, the US and the West, have by and by demonstrated their correct colours of unscrupulousness, trickiness and affectation as they completely underpin the Al-Sisi headed upset without once reasoning of the effect this could have on a ‘justly chosen’ government; not once did they suppose to reprimand the wretched military takeover.

To grasp the twofold norms of the west, and their remarkable thought of majority rule government, every one of the one is solicited to do is review the double-dealing western media supporting the American attack of Iraq; it was about human rights and popular government at the same time highlighting the disasters of autocracy and military rule.

The west was so sharp to favor the Iraqis with their form of “majority rule government” that the slaughtering of a huge number of Iraqis simultaneously was essentially regarded ‘Inadvertent Blowback’. I still recall the movie footage broadcast on different news stations indicating American troopers putting down a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Iraqi Muslims were demonstrated praising succumbs to the despot and the simultaneous approach of majority rule government. The west depicted itself as the savior of humankind, ones who unequivocally had faith in the ‘individual’s power.

When Morsi’s government was justly chosen in Egypt after a steady battle of more than 50 years, the Muslim fellowship accomplished greater part votes and beat the secularists in free-and reasonable decision. Given the way that the Muslim fraternity was treated with iron clench hands throughout Mubarak’s period, it was a huge accomplishment for them. A fair administration was setup and right-wingers were part of the legislature. This situation might as well have satisfied the west, as the administration, though Islamic, came into force without the utilization of any weapons or militancy. With the consistent addresses given by the west to the Muslim group to surrender arms and come to be part of the ‘political methodology’, this was an accomplishment, even from the part of the west.

By giving unconditional back to the common Egyptian Army, the west made it clear “majority rules system” in its “accurate” character, or ‘their variant’ of it, is liberal, mainstream and must be void of any Islamic impact. Assuming that, then again, an Islamist administration is justly chosen, any activity taken by the military of that nation to remove the chosen government is invited and not categorized as a ‘military overthrow or assume control’, however; actually just the wish of ‘the individuals’. The slaughter included, and even now occurring, ought not to be considered important as it is part of the “move” process. On top of that, the military government ought to be invited with money related support for the ‘wellbeing of the individuals’ and the strengthening of democracy.

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