Are we Islamophobic?

on Saturday, August 17, 2013

“Islamophobia” is nothing but hatred towards all Muslims. Here, in this case, the teachings of Islam are proved wrong and every Muslim is judged equally. There is no accurate definition of Islamophobia. Due to the increase in terrorism, people have a feeling that all the followers of Islam are wicked. Other communities also think that philosophy and values of Islam are of no use, and it is providing troubles to the society. There is a belief among people that Islam is a political apparent which generally decides the real laws and spreads injustice, inequality and moral fallacy among people.

Islamophobic people is those who are trying to criticize the Muslim community up to extreme levels. But the fact is that Islam is spreading love and the message of brotherhood. There are few anti-Muslims who are taking advantage of criticism and are spreading violence by using the name of Islam. Phobic is nothing but fear of something. After the September 11th incident in America, people have developed a fear within themselves, and this is the main cause that individuals are developing Islamphobia. This is the main reason of hatred towards the Muslim community.

Islamophobia is not a new concept, it is in history from the time of the Jews. The increase in terrorism and bombing attacks have again developed this fear in other communities and Muslims are justified as violent, primitive and inferior beings.

All these concepts have made life harder for Islam followers. All Muslims are not linked to terrorism. However, due to some unfaithful people the whole community is facing troubles and is receiving hatred from other communities. Media had played a vital role to develop Islamophobia among people. The base line is “Terrorism has no religion”.

Just few wicked people are there implementing their iniquitous objectives in the name of Islam. In the News, the word Muslim Terrorism was highlighted in bold. This has developed a fear among the other believers, and they do believe that Muslims are violent beings who have no values at all.

Now the point of concern is whether we all are Islamophobic or not? If we are, then it is high time that we should change our opinions. Teachings of every religion are one, and that is to spread love and to live together. The messages of Islam are not wrong. Though, there are some corrupt people who change the meaning of Islam by using this holy name to fulfill their heinous charter.

The Muslim community is getting unsecured. Individuals who are innocent are also receiving hatred from others. A new law should be embraced by the legislation that provides protection to the Muslim community so that the followers of Islam can lead a normal life like others. Racial discrimination should be completely brought to an end. There should be strict rules so that people who are innocent can live peacefully without any kind of worry.

Conclusion: Change your mind and get away from Islamophobia.

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