First Pakistani Citizen “Allama Muhammad Asad”

on Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Those who do not learn from the past are damned to go over it again . This is a recurring quote in relation to our existing dreadful condition and it even rings a bell to us to look at the past and examine our mistakes. Instead of writing a political metaphorical story, I’d like to write a piece about Allama Muhammad Asad and his thoughts.

He’s none other than the first man to receive the first Pakistani passport in August 14, 1947.

Due to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s appeal, Allama Asad leaded the body made to support Pakistani Laws, instructive system and domination practices, Department of Islamic Reconstruction in agreement with the Holy Quran. He was a Jewish who converted to Islam. Moreover, he traveled to various Islamic countries to spread the hope of sovereignty from imperialism’s bind.

Asad stated about Islam saying,

‘Islam is an ideal work of an architecture.  All its various parts are cordially visualized to harmonize and maintain each other; nor anything is unessential neither has lacking; and the consequence is a composition of exact balance and solid equanimity.

In a likely search, he met Allama Iqbal in India who convinced him to work on the supremacy structure of a “New-Fangled” Indian Muslims’ independent state. He published ‘Towards an Islam Constitution’ before independence which was through his essay ‘Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia?’  that the famous independence slogan emerged , which eventually  became the nation’s anthem at that time.

My intention to write about him is in order to change the educational system of Pakistan. Madrassas that taught religion and sophisticated subjects were the only places of education in the Indian subcontinent.  Usually, besides teaching religion, more light was shed on the world, such as: science, medicine, philosophy, and astrology. These institutes were found only in Taxilla before the Muslims arrived.

To bring under limelight, the students there had achieved great success due to their miscellaneous basic knowledge of Islam and the worldly matters. One high-flying example is the ‘Madrassa-e-Rahimia’.

History says that the Englishman, Warren Hastings had established a madrassa in Calcutta for the study of religion. This had simply separated the worldly and religious education to abate our educational base.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had founded Aligarh University and upon his persistence was the first joint Exchange Program of India taken place.

We have diverged from our path and crafted the religious people to be separate identities who lead funeral prayer, perform Salah and teach the kids Quran.

This is the biggest problem in the Indian Muslims founded country. It was just through such schools that we got the master of Medicine Ibn-e-Sina or the changer of Chemistry’s world, Jabir ibn Hayyan.

So, where did the efforts of Allama Asad go?

Sadly for this homeland, a few years after its beginning, the Department of Islamic Reconstruction was trapped in fire and all the hard work done by Allama Asad on education improvement faded away. And so did the vision of a flourishing Pakistan I am yearning to see at the moment.

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