Taliban and their so-called “Islam”

on Friday, August 16, 2013

Islam which our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) brought to his Ummah has long before been tarnished, trimmed, re-shaped and re-built into various branches and sects. These diversities are the basic unit of conflict among Muslims, of misunderstandings and inextricable differences, of the corrupted outlook for non-Muslims and of our failure, except Iran who is the only unwavering representative of Islam in present day.

The branches protruding out of a single and united Islam developed misconception for others, and the religion of peace, rightfulness, truth and justice was seen to be that of terrorism, rigidity, awful strictness and instability. Among all, the “Taliban’s Islam” spread the most dirt.

Taliban is a group that was started by the Pashtuns of Afghanistan, who were Islamic students, educated in Pakistan under the sect of Deobandis. The origin and background of Taliban group is a boring vast topic, but Islam which they started to implement in Afghanistan changed the total outlook of non-Muslims and surprised the rest of Muslim Brotherhood.

Taliban is always targeted for any terrorist activity in all Muslim or non-Muslim countries. While many may not care to distinguish the two groups of Muslims, the true followers of Islam and Taliban, and neither would pause enough to change their perspective regarding each or the manner of their respect as a religion. It is critically important to know which Islam is the true and correct one, and which is merely another scheme to damage its image and bring it to the suspecting limelight. After the gradual success of Taliban in invading various minorities and welcoming them to embrace “Islam,” the headlines regarding their own religious interpretation and implementation came as “Grow beards or face punishment,” “Women do not work,” and “Adulterers and addicts should be stoned to death.” This naturally swiveled the attention to the new implementation of Islam, and led people to believe that Islam was as strict as forcing each to grow beards, and bounding a woman in her house against her will.

Evidently, Taliban continued their harsh implementation of Islamic teachings without taking into account the changing circumstances and passage of time. While Quran is the sole way of learning to implement Islamic teachings, Taliban group kept on with their scheme to portrait Islam as a restrictive, inflexible and uncompromising religion that scarred people away.

Muslims take guide from Quran to seek out how to behave in a modern society. It is a known fact that the moral values of Islam are not new to mankind. The punishment for adultery is also mentioned in Torah, and the process of Quran’s revelation in such a long period of 23 years is because Allah Almighty gave His mankind the environment and space to accept a gradual, firmly rooted change from animal instincts to that of a proper human being, and where he knows well that his deeds have no justification if done otherwise as instructed in other holy books, revealed hundreds of years ago.

Quran does not hold any individual against his will. Quran is the custom way of Allah’s teachings to learn from, and whose sole theme is on “life” of a human being. It is according to any era, any time and is practical for any nature. The only condition is to study and understand it correctly, and not the way Taliban has interpreted. Islam of Taliban is not what Allah Almighty wants his mankind to follow. It has wrong conceptions, wrong interpretation, wrong implementation and wrong resource. The reason behind all this bother is to make the people following Islam, or ones interested to know more about it, given an ultimatum, which neither is correctly understood, nor is interpreted with the 21st century. As a result, people will hate Islam as being too strict to match the needs and requirements of the present time, and it would be brushed away as a religion not up-to the current trends and requirements, also being quite old-fashioned and unnecessarily strict.

Islam, which Allah sent to us, is lenient, reasonable and compromising. It only goes with the welfare of mankind, and those who do not well fall into the circle of its teachings are themselves welcoming the damage and danger. Taliban is wrong to not allow a woman to work or get educated, while Islam says that the first school for a child is his mother’s lap. The bottom-line, which is also the most common debate topic among Muslims and non-Muslims, why would Islam forbid a woman to be educated when its messenger very well said, “You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

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