Why non-Muslims Have Misconceptions Related to Islam?

on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Islam is probably the most misunderstood religion, and there are several factors which can be held responsible for these misunderstandings. The biggest and most important factor which contributes to these misunderstandings is the role which is played by the media. The media show only one side of the picture which is its own side. It highlights the negatives more than the positives. Since the Media is so powerful, it contributes a lot in the formation of opinions which people have.

People consider Islam as a religion which promotes terrorism, a religion which promotes blatantly killing the innocent. The ironic thing is that it is not just the non-Muslims who have these misconceptions, a large number of Muslims are equally confused. The reason for this is that, we, as Muslims are simply not interested in learning the realities of our religion. We believe in what we are told by others, what we are shown by others. How many of us, today, can truly say that we actually made an effort to know more about Islam? Not many, I believe.

The thing is that when you do not have the right information about something, then confusion, misunderstanding and misconception are bound to follow. Get to know the real Islam, not the various interpretations of it that are handed over to you. Another important thing to remember is that make sure that from wherever you are getting information about your religion, is an authentic source, something which is reliable. For example, it is very easy to write anything on the internet about any issue and you have very little chance of knowing its authenticity. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek your knowledge, your information, from an actual Islamic Scholar. Someone who knows what he is preaching and can help you in getting rid of your confusion, rather than adding to them.

Nowadays, every bad event is pinned on Islam and Muslims. Contrary to the popular opinion, Islam is not a religion of hate and violence. It is a religion of love, peace and tolerance. Islam does not impose its teachings on people; it is very tolerant in this regard. The terrorists who are given a bad name, in fact, have already given a bad name to Islam, for their own reasons. They have their own personal motives which make them kill thousands of innocent people. Islam totally negates the idea of killing someone without any rhyme or reason.

So, if you are someone with misconceptions about Islam, seek knowledge to clear those misconceptions. Please, do not form your views and opinions, solely based on what you see or hear on Television. Get to know both sides of the story. If you really want to know more about something, then striving to learn about it becomes more of a passion than just a job. We are all entitled to our opinions, provided that these opinions are based on facts and actual knowledge, rather than just fabricated stories.

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