Importance of Use of Technology in Islam

on Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We are living in the age of science and technology as the world has seen so many advancements in both fields. Islam also encourages Muslims to seek education in those fields. It is a misconception that if you are a Muslim, you cannot drive a car or use computers and mobile phones. Technology has its positive aspects as well as negative aspects. It depends on a person of how he utilizes the technological advancements, whether in a good way or bad way. ALLAH has allowed us to make use of technology but only in a Halal way.

In the 21st century, the development in technology has gone to its peak. The development of Smartphones is the greatest blessings. Many smartphone apps provide and fulfill religious needs. There is an app on IPhone named as Salah 3D. This app tells how to pray. There is another app which includes text and audio version of Quran Majeed not only in Arabic but in other languages, as well. This app is making the divine book more manageable for Muslims whose first language is not Arabic. Moreover, these apps are very helpful in learning Quran easily, and they are very convenient, as today, every one owns a Smartphone.

Internet is one of the easiest sources of learning Islamic teachings. The fastest search engine Google will provide you a lot of articles regarding Islam. There are many websites which offer live “Fatwa” sessions with well-known scholars. The social networks are one of the important sources of preaching Islam. Many Islamic pages promote Quranic verses, Hadith and other Islamic teachings through posting and updating status daily. It is another good way of learning about Islam and you can share these teachings with your friends.

The Muslims’ history prospers with a lot of examples in the field of science and technology. Muslims made great advances in the fields of mathematics, medicines, astronomy, geography and many more. Islam has never objected on modern inventions, if they are beneficial for mankind. It will be sufficient if the technology is used in the name of God and for His cause. Modern technological advancements have granted Muslims a physical comfort. Islam encourages technology and knowledge as it is beneficial for one’s spiritual and it creates a balanced value system.

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