Do Muslims hate non-Muslims?

on Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Muslims are taught by Islam to be patient, but there is a term used ‘break point’. Media has a great role in reaching the break point because it’s not actually presenting the facts as they should be. It is quite unfortunate to say that their propaganda disappointed the Muslims.

After 9/11 incident, the major focus of the western media has been to portray Muslims as the community that is always involved in terrorism. However, it has nothing to do with the religion of Islam as Islam does not allow any kind of harm to any other individual. Some of the non-Muslims are crossing the limits by blaming Muslims for the things that they have never done or committed. This stereotyping has a negative impact on the relations between both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Most of the people involved in all of these activities are so-called Muslims. Non-Muslims keep on highlighting the negative prospect and the activities done by those so-called Muslims. Muslims see all this as a part of a strategy against them to damage the concepts of the Islamic ideology. I still believe that all Muslims should remain focused as they are still targeted by the non-Muslims. At least something should be done in order to get things normal between Muslims and non-Muslims as nobody wants to get things worse for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Most of the people consider that Muslims hate non-Muslims, but this idea is wrong, it’s a great misunderstanding. According to the basic principle of Islam, Muslims do not hate anyone because Islam is a religion of peace and love. Islam teaches us to deal with all people in a better way and wish good for the whole humanity. There is no concept of hatred in Islam. However, Muslims hate the disbelief of Allah Almighty and Kufr. Muslims love all people in the world, but they hate their disobedience of Allah Almighty. you can observe the example of a doctor and his patients; the doctor does not hate the sick patients personally, but he hates the disease and tries to cure them. In the same way, Muslims are exerting all their efforts to cure the disease.

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