Swedish women Wear Hijab after Attack on Muslim Woman

on Thursday, August 22, 2013

It is reported that ‘Hijab Outcry’ has started in Sweden after the assault on Muslims women. Thousands of Swedish women posted photos of themselves wearing headscarves online. This campaign broke out as a result of attack on Muslim women for wearing a headscarf in Stockholm. According to the latest report of BBC, most of the protestors were prominent politicians, TV hosts and job holders from various faiths. On Saturday, a pregnant Muslim woman was attacked for wearing Hijab where an aggressor tore off her ‘hijab’ and hit her head and body against a car. Racist insulted her all the time, and the victim was taken later to the medical center. Now, Swedish women are protesting against this horrible event by wearing ‘hijab’ in Sweden.

The assailant additionally shouted racist abuse at the woman – who was pregnant – throughout the assault on Saturday in a Stockholm suburb, the victimized person’s companions told the Swedish media. Police are presently examining the episode, but this investigation will take a long time. There is a great pressure on the Police department due to special coverage of this event. It is a very serious matter for the Swedish government because media is giving more attention to the coverage to this event. The famous TV persons posted pictures of wearing Hijab to protest against this event.

March of Fascism

A number of women in Sweden published new photos of wearing Hijab on Facebook and twitter. The most famous women protestors include Gina Dirawi, Veronica Palm and Asa Romson. The protestors said they wanted to attract the concentration of government and social media to the discrimination that affects Muslim women in Sweden.

We believe that reason is sufficient in Sweden where large numbers of reporters hate crimes and discrimination. The women in Sweden decided to tie their headscarves extra tight. The Government and politicians agreed to take strict action against this event to stop the fascism march in the world.

Similarly in response to this event, Justice Beatrice said it is very important to take such events seriously. The Prime minister of Sweden is expected to meet the protestors and campaigners on Tuesday. The campaigners demand the Prime minister to ensure that Muslim women in Swedish are guaranteed the right of religious freedom. This campaign of protestors will bring positive results in favor of Muslims women. Now, hundreds of photos of women wearing Hijab are present on social media websites. The key objective of this online campaign is to make sure religious freedomis maintained in Sweden. It is the right of each person to adopt any religion or lifestyle of his choice. It is not good to force any person to adopt a particular lifestyle. In order to establish freedom of religion, countries should take strict actions to prevent such incidents in the future.

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