Be a Practicing Muslim

on Monday, August 26, 2013

Be a practicing Muslim and a good human being. Achieve Allah’s blessings and increase chances of a better life after death. These two simple sentences can change your life and leave behind a positive impact on you as a person. Mostly, being a Muslim is not in your hands as you’re born in a Muslim family, unless you’ve converted to this holy religion. However, you have to choose your path. As a Muslim, you can be the better one, the practicing Muslim, or you can be the one who is a Muslim just in name, not in actions.

What is exactly a practicing Muslim? A practicing Muslim is anyone who believes in Islam, that is: believing in Allah, His Prophets, His Angels, His scriptures , the Judgment day and Al-Qadar. Moreover, these people believe in the Islamic “Sharia”, and follow it firmly. A practicing Muslim will blindly believe in the One and Only Allah as well as the Holy Quran. In addition to that, the Five Pillars of Islam, which forms the basics of Islam, will be strictly practiced by them. These are the five religious duties expected from every Muslim which are mentioned individually throughout the Qur’an. They are Shahadah, that is the daily confession of faith and Salat which is doing Salah. Also Zakah, paying Zakat, fasting during Ramadan (Sawm) and doing pilgrimage (Hajj) is among the others. Along with performing all these duties, you have to have a pure heart pumping to only serve Allah Almighty and walk on the Path of God. A practicing Muslim will be an active Muslim who will observe daily prayers, read the Holy Quran, dress up pursuing the moral Islamic principles, and follow the Five Pillars of Islam along with the Six Pillars of Faith. Most importantly, a practicing Muslim won’t go astray to the path of Shaaitan but remain intact as a good Muslim. Along with it, they’ll be good human beings, gifts to the society and symbol of goodness.

Being a practicing Muslim comes with its benefits. You’ll be able to form a better communication with Allah through Namaz and will help you acquire peace and harmony within yourself and with people around you. By performing pilgrimage to Makkah, you will exceed yourself from being nationalistic into being universal. Your personality will turn into a kind one that’ll be able to control lust, selfishness and desire. You’ll turn into a hindrance to different types of exploitation and will help to reduce social ill. To finish, you’ll die at peace and achieve eternal happiness. Day of Judgment will bring you your positive results for being a practicing Muslim and gift you a life of bliss in Paradise.

All the Muslims should try to be practicing Muslims. A religiously committed Muslim will always get Allah’s blessings and complete his eventual purpose of life to serve Him.

One can be a Muslim, not by choice but by fate. Being a practicing Muslim is your choice to follow the path of Allah to be blessed with Jannat (Heaven) in the afterlife.

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