Will Christians go to Heaven?

on Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Different religions have their own set of beliefs. We being the followers of Islam believe that Allah is the only one worth worshiping and we take Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as our last Prophet. We believe that those who do good in this world, will be granted a place in Heaven, whereas the sinners would be sent to Hell.

There are certain good things that are mutual in all religions, like for example, helping out the poor and needy, being more humane, respecting elders etc. There are also certain ‘good’ things that are particular to Islam only, like for example Muslims cannot drink wine/alcohol because it is prohibited in Islam. Whereas, other religions may not consider drinking alcohol as something which is too big of a deal.

So, how would all of us, who belong to so many different religions and some do not belong to any religion at all, be accessed, in order to decide whether we go into Heaven or Hell. In fact, there is no final way of deciding who goes to Hell or Heaven, and the power of this decision, rests entirely in the hands of Allah Almighty. The Quran does not say that only people belonging to a particular religion will go into Heaven, while those who do not belong to it will automatically be sent to Hell. The criteria which is set, which will decide who goes where, is basically based on an individual’s faith in God and the Day of Reckoning.

If we say that only Muslims can go into Heaven, then what is the fault of those people who are born into families belonging to different religions? That would not be fair. Allah has set this world up for everyone, regardless to which religion they belong, as a test, the worldly desires, the temptations are all there by Allah to test the faith of an individual. The good or bad that a person does is based on how he sees the world around him. Allah has given each one of us that sense, that intelligence to do our own unbiased research and decide, likewise.

If we look around, we will find so many people who are Muslims, but are not Muslims. They may be born into Muslim families, but their behavior proves the opposite. Most Muslims are not living their lives according to the Islamic teachings so does that mean they will not be sent to Heaven? I believe that success in the world hereafter is not based on what religion a person belongs to. It is based on how a person acts in this world. He perceives the world in his own way and then submits himself to whatever he feels is the Divine Truth. It does not matter if you are a Muslim, or a Christian or belong to any other religion, if you did honestly make an effort to find out the Truth and acted accordingly to it, then likewise will be the reward for it.

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