Taliban Commander Killed in South Waziristan Attack

on Saturday, August 24, 2013

An aggressor commandant who protected al Qaeda warriors was killed on Thursday by a roadside shell as well as four cohorts in South Waziristan, security authorities said. Ghulam Jan Wazir passed on the spot when his vehicle hit a shell in the Sholam zone, five kilometers west of Wana, the principle town in South Waziristan locale on the Afghan fringe. A senior security official told AFP that Wazir had supposedly protected Arab and Central Asian warriors in South Waziristan for numerous years. “He was against the government and well known for his backing to outsiders,” the official told AFP on state of obscurity. Nearby inhabitants additionally said Wazir had notoriety for harboring Uzbek, Tajik and Central Asian activists in the past.

He was around an assembly of warriors constrained to leave South Waziristan when Maulvi Nazir, a conspicuous warlord partnered to the administration, started an outfitted battle in 2007 against outside contenders. Wazir came back to South Waziristan a year ago in the wake of arriving at an arrangement with the Nazir gather, before Nazir was murdered in a US ramble strike in January. There was no prompt claim of authority regarding Wazir’s expiration. He is the third one of Al Qaeda activists to be murdered in comparable circumstances in South Waziristan in the most recent two year.

The condition of Pakistan has become miserable due to frequent military attacks and bomb blasts. The new government is trying its best to cope with terrorists but there is no progress yet. Most of terrorists are coming to Pakistan from India and Israel. It is not a good sign for Pakistan. Two atomic powers are using their resources to unstable the situation of Pakistan. The drone attacks in Pakistan by the USA are also a major cause of terrorism in the Pakistan. Most of experts consider these attacks as the biggest terrorism in the world. It is reported that the USA has killed thousands of innocent people with the help of drone attacks in Pakistan. Now, terrorism is getting higher day by day in Pakistan due to these drone attacks.

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