People Calling for War on their Own Homeland

on Saturday, August 24, 2013

It is very frustrating to see the people who belong to your community calling for a war on its own people and homeland.

It was clearly seen in the Iranian presidential election that it is mainly governed by the Iranian-Americans who live outside Iran imposing their western values and thoughts back to Iran.

Few people who live a comfortable and luxurious life outside Iran and may visit it once or not do that are in fear of being a direct target of the government. Some of them broadcast on satellite channels from Los Angeles and make their countrymen in Iran take care of the rest. They are the ones who are giving instructions and some small groups in Iran came out on the streets and protest for a free Iran. They put their lives at risk in the words of those people who may not even make that true.

The word orientalist is often used by westerners, but it is also true and can be associated with the middle easterners who live in the west. They can also be called neo-orientalists with their Middle Eastern background.

The fact is that people in Iran are not exposed to the Internet as it is not very common and many don’t even have an access to a computer.

Political situation

It’s very difficult to understand why someone would like to spoil others plans. Why can’t it be that the people of Iran can celebrate and be happy for some time. They know what’s happening and don’t need someone from outside to remind them. They know that after eight years of the ruling of the president, they are totally ruined economically and their image has been tarnished worldwide. So it’s not appropriated for us to impose our thinking on them. Let them understand and try to face it.

The real situation in Iran is to choose between someone who is bad and someone who is worse and they aware of this situation. But some people have commented and think that these people need their guidance towards democracy. Many say they don’t know what democracy is, but the fact is that Iran was democratic till 1953, when it ousted its democratically elected prime minister.

Someone has said that people living outside Iran cannot understand the situation in Iran and its people as its political situation is very dynamic.

It can be said that the unawareness of the people can be dangerous. So few want the reestablished Iran to go back to its former status. Though they have forgotten why Mohammad Reza Shah lost his Peacock Throne, because of his passion of being the fifth industrial power in the world, and ignoring the development in the status of the people because of which there were many human violations.

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