Why Teachings of Islam will Never Change?

on Sunday, August 18, 2013

Before the advent of Islam, many prophets were sent by Allah for the spread of different teachings along with the different Holy Books revealed upon them. With the passage of time, these books were changed. Due to this fact, they were forbidden to be followed, and other prophets were sent with different teachings. Ultimately came the time when The Holy Quran was revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), who enlightened the lives of his Ummah with the religion of Islam and its golden teachings.

Islam started spreading from Makkah to Medina and then the rest of the world, and the responsibility of diffusion of Islam was given to every Muslim by the Prophet in his last sermon. Till the present day, millions of Muslims around the world are spreading the message of Allah to the people who belong to other religions or those who are atheists, resulting into successful conversions into Muslims.

Teachings of our Prophet, since the advent of Islam till today, are the same as they were. From the methods of Salah, Hajj and Zakaat to following the Sunnah, all the teachings of Islam are unchanged since 1000s of years and will remain unchanged. This is because of the Holy Quran that our Prophet gave to his Ummah as a possession. Allah has said in Quran that He is the creator of this Book and He will be its Defender, as well. Quran is considered nothing less than a miracle. In every nook and cranny of the world, its every single word is read the same as it was read when it was revealed.

Secondly, the sayings of our Prophet that were Compiled by the famous scholars of Islam are a blessing upon the Muslim Ummah. These ahadith and Sunnah are mighty example of living an ideal life that Allah has ordered for in Quran. They teach us the proper way to offer Salah, keeping fasts, paying zakaat etc, whereas in Quran these extreme details are not given.

Hence, Islam is not meant to be changed. Another reason for this stability is that Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as his LAST prophet and after him no other prophet will ever be sent. If Allah had left any space for any additions or changes in Islam, then there wouldn’t have been any concept of sealing the prophet hood. No matter what the circumstances are, even today the people all around the world assemble every year in Makkah for performance of Hajj. No matter from where they belong, they wear the same attire; they say the same words and they perform the same actions. It’s all because the unchangeable teachings of Islam are preserved in the Holy Quran of which Allah is the securer.

May Allah help us spread our religion to every corner of the world, protect us from the evil satin and make us follow the teachings of our Prophet (P.B.U.H). Undoubtedly, Islam still persists and hasn’t changed, but true Muslims are hardly found anywhere who are ready to dedicate their lives for the will of Allah. We still are entangled with the worldly pomp and glory. We need to recall why were we created? Where do we have to head to after death? Are we ready to face the Day of Judgment? May Allah show us the right path!

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