Who Is Behind Egypt’s Unrest?

on Friday, August 23, 2013

Most of you don’t have a single clue as to what is actually going on in Egypt. Some of you know, but not the full story. To sum it all up, Egypt has been experiencing riots, unrest, dip in their global economy and loss of tourists and money. But who is truly behind all this turmoil? To know the answer to that you have to first know what started it all.

Now, it all started when Hosni Mubarak, the Fourth president of Egypt was ousted and through a democratic vote Mohammed Morsi was elected to be the next president of Egypt. This was not met with happiness, and soon afterwards there were massive riots. Why, you ask? During his first year Mohammed Morsi’s government issued a temporary constitutional declaration that in effect granted the president unlimited powers. Morsi deemed the decree necessary to protect the elected constituent assembly from a planned dissolution by judges appointed during the Mubarak-era. Not only this, it is said that he has mishandled the economy and allowed Islamists to monopolize on the politics of the nations.

However, after all this press conference was held where Morsi said that he said, and I quote “made many mistakes, there is no question. Mistakes happen and need to be corrected.” He created a committee to look after the situation, but it was not enough, all the while as a democratic leader his supporters kept chanting on that he was the true leader of Egypt. But there was no mistaking all the lives that were being lost in the process.

On the 3rd of July 2013, after refusing an ultimatum form the military to back down, he was ousted and a new civilian president came to power temporarly. Millions of Protesters celebrated in Tahrir Square as the army announced Mr. Morsi was no longer in office. But this was not the end of Egypt turmoil. Soon of the ousting of Mohammed Morsi, his supporters went on to citing mass protests and demonstrations against the army. This did not end well, as the army was merciless. They killed nearly 250 people in protest camps, and it followed on to August 14, where two camps were stormed by the security, and resulted into one of the bloodiest days in the Egyptian history. No one was shown Mercy, women, children; they were all shot down with force.

This is what’s going on in a Flourishing country like Egypt. While we sit here, reading this article, more people are dying, but who is to blame. There is no black and white in politics, not a shade of grey and that is exactly what we see here. People from both sides are giving their lives, for what they believe is right. And, can you truly blame them?

The question ”who is behind all this turmoil of Egypt” goes both ways, who is to say; who is really to blame. You blame Morsi for killing people; but the military is not doing anything better. I guess the answer to this all lies on perspective.

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