Are Muslims Hypocrites?

on Monday, August 26, 2013

Are Muslims actually hypocrites? Well, before I would get into that matter, I’d like to brush up about the genuine definition of a hypocrite. A hypocrite is any person who pretends to have virtues, ethical or religious faiths as well as principles that he or she does not really hold.

Human beings have flaws, and honestly, it’s not the Muslims, the human beings are hypocrites. Many human beings are pretenders. Those pretenders act in contradiction to his or her declared feelings or principles. Those hypocrites can be Christians, Hindus, Jews or even Muslims. You don’t really need to look at the aspect of a religion to state someone as a hypocrite. Any human being of any religion or race can be hypocrites.

However, when you use the word “Muslims” you refer to the followers of Islam. You simply refer to people who believe in the One and Only Allah and that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His Last Messenger. You are only a Muslim when you believe in the Islamic “Deen”, that is, believing in Allah, His Prophets, His Angels, His scriptures, the Judgment day and Al-Qadar. Moreover, you have to reflect yourself as practicing Muslims by following the Islamic way of life along with performing the five Pillars of Islam which are Shahadah, that’s the daily confession of faith and Salat which is doing Salah. Also, Zakah, paying Zakat, fasting during Ramadan (Sawm) and doing pilgrimage (Hajj) are among the others. A good human being is the real ‘Muslim’ and a hypocrite is not a good human being of course.

Muslims firmly follow Islam, and Islam no way gives any Muslim the choice of being a hypocrite. Therefore, Hypocrites cannot be referred actually as Muslims at all, but they are known as Munafik in Islam. They have chosen the wrong path, the path of hypocrisy and not of Islam.

To clarify, Munafik is a religious fraud who externally practices Islam while inwardly hiding his incredulity, maybe even unknowingly. They might accept the Islamic principles, go with it, but when his/her preferences and the way of life are challenged, Islam fails with him/her. The Quran has many verses referring to them as more perilous to Muslims than the worst non-Muslim foes of Islam.

The dissimilarity between a normal Muslim and hypocrite who sins, is that a hypocrite approves an improper life style, and persists on following it, whereas a normal Muslim knows that he is erroneous, attempts to resist doing sins, but unluckily sometimes, still falls into sinning due to pettiness or physical weaknesses.

I would like to conclude saying that someone might get tagged along as a Muslims just because they have been born in a Muslim family but does that make them a real Muslim? It does if they are following Islam properly but if they declare that they are “Muslims” with their mouths, but have abandoned Islam with their ethnicity and preposterous life style, and freethinking beliefs, they no longer stay Muslims. They transfer into Munafiks.

No, Muslims are not hypocrites but any Munafik surely is.

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