First and Foremost Released Batch of Palestinian Detainees

on Friday, August 16, 2013

As peace talks start, Israel discharged 15 Palestinian detainees to Gaza and an alternate 11 to the West Bank. At an early stage on Wednesday, Israel discharged 26 Palestinian detainees -15 to Gaza and 11 to West Bank -as a major aspect of Israeli-Palestinian transactions. This release of Palestinian prisoners was performed according to a previous agreement. The conservation started between officials of both Palestine and Israel, and the discharge happened hours soon after the first official gathering between the arrangement groups. It is very good news for relatives and lovers of the Palestinian prisoners. Israel announced to release more Palestinian detainees in the future.

Israeli media reported the discharge occurred later around evening time keeping in mind the end goal to evade enormous festivals around the Palestinians, and to minimize the production in the daily paper the accompanying day. However, all of the detainees were imprisoned after the Palestinian Authority was structured in 1994. This release of the Palestinian prisoners is a good decision by the Israeli government. Let’s hope this favorable condition will last in the future. It is reported that hundreds of Palestinian prisoners are waiting for freedom in Israel. The peace talks between Israel and Palestine in the future should consider the option of releasing the remaining Palestinian prisoners.

The detainees discharged to the West Bank touched base at the central station of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah, where their families were held up for quite some time to meet them. No doubt that now the families of the released Palestinian prisoners are celebrating this event. The peace talk and favorable relationship between Israel and Palestine are the most important to continue peace talks and make the conditions more favorable.

This release of prisoners is great news not only for the Palestinian people but also for some Israeli who have high hope now for the release of their relatives. Outside Israel’s Ayalon jail in the city of Ramla, conservative activists and relatives of Jewish detainees who killed Palestinians challenged, requesting that their relatives additionally be discharged. Let’s hope for good events or even similar releases in the near future.

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