Struggle: Least That Could Be Done

on Friday, August 23, 2013

It’s hard to believe that once Palestine was the core issue in the international politics, but it seems that Palestinians have nowhere to go to push for their equitable rights. The Palestinian cause is now falling off ever since the conflicts like the Syrian war and the Egyptian revolution while Israel is successfully placing Iran nuclear issue in the UN. According to the survey made by the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies most of the people living in Arab countries think they have no concern with Palestine whatsoever. However, some people also think that Israel is the biggest threat to the regional peace and some also blame Iran to be one of the reason for instability in the region. Most of the Iraqi’shave the same view about Iran, as well.

There is a gradual loss faced by the Palestinians as most of them are divided into groups, and there are different fragment made in the west bank, Gaza, Jerusalem. Also, most of the people are kept in detention by the Israeli authorities. Economically, Palestine is facing a large deficit as the unemployment is increasing at a faster rate. Now, the people of Palestine would be searching for food rather than having demonstrations.

The response time of the Palestinians is quite short, and there should be something to be do before its too late for Palestine. However, other countries were trying to have peace talks between Palestine and Israel. Some of the Western countries like US has emphasized on the fact that there should be a renewal of peace talks between Palestine and Israel. Recently, an Arab delegation purposed a plan of land swap with the Israel in order to have peace between the two nations.

There were many attempts made by different countries to have peace in the region, but there was never an international consensus on the issue, and for the same reason there is no positive move made by any of the countries. The West Bank is now occupied with more than 500,000 Jews, and they are mostly dispersed in the region.

Two countries plan was put forward; however; this kind of plan suited Israel the most but it cannot be implemented. However, if this plan was accepted by Israel, then 62% of the West Bank could be an Israeli territory. Currently, the situation is in favor of Israel and its allies.

Today on the map, Israel and Palestine is one country which is discrimination against the non-Jews. Palestinians are now fighting against this apartheid and would continue to have struggle for independence of the Palestinian territory. Israel was never serious in resolving the issue in the region for peace. However, the strategies, followed by the Palestinian politicians these days, are not so appreciated by the local people of Palestine. But the only thing that can save Palestine is by having the constant struggle for their right.

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