Egypt: Scene Behind the Screen

on Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is for those who are confused of what happened and is happening in Egypt?

After the ousting of Dictator Hosni Mubarak in early 2011 through the January 25th revolution, Dr. Mohammed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood sworn in as Egypt’s first democratically elected president. Dr. Morsi won by a short margin the first ever democratic election in Egypt’s history. During his first year in charge, he involved himself more in administrative propaganda, which were seen to be highly needed task of time, considering Egypt’s situation after the long time military rule. He initially walked towards a suitable constitution for a Muslim State, along with making changes in the structures of administrative systems within the state. Further he made efforts to build up the lost reputation of foreign relationship with countries.

Apart from this, he attended towards few common developments such as sustainability on certain agricultures, attempt towards growth of tourism, child & orphan care, education and etc. But he couldn’t mainly focus on common developments as he headed towards official changes first to make the suitable surrounding

Anyhow by using several arguments, the Alliance of Opposition with the majority of Christians and Jews, set to streets calling the President to resign. They said,

01. Egypt is not heading towards development. How could the performance of a ruler be judged in a year?

And also the most needed schemes were driven as mentioned above.

02. President Morsi is trying to monopolize his power?

Usually in a democratic state this seem to happen, but in Egypt President Morsi left the Military and Sheikh Al Azhar, the most powerful institutions of the state, as it is without taking under his control.

03. The new constitution is trying to impose Sharia law within the state?

Egypt, being a Muslim majority living country, the long time constitution needed to be changed in order to suit the situation. So President Morsi proposed his constitution, containing Sharia and the suitable common laws.

However the counter arguments stay so, the planned opposition somehow wanted to eliminate Muslim Brotherhood from the Egyptian Politics. Since the late 2011, their mission to oust president Morsi was obvious.

Anyhow with the help of United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates and some other countries who are highly disappointed on the growth of Islamist, the military ousted the democratically elected, legitimate President Morsi, on 3rd of July 2013, right after a few day sit-in of oppositions in Thahrir Square.

Anyhow, British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) and many of other international media confirmed that crowd in sit-in were very lower in numbers compared to the population.

As they took over, the Military arrested Morsi with some other Muslim Brotherhood officials and then appointed an Interim Government, which is the current government, including military officials and Hosni Mubarak’s officials. There started these protests and then the turmoil.

Soon, people from Muslim Brotherhood and a group named, Anti Coup Alliance along with many other movements, set to streets demonstrating to save the democracy and to restore the elected and legitimate President Morsi, further condemning the coup and the interim government which is clearly against the democracy.

The sit-ins in many parts of the country continued for more than a month. And it should be noted nearly 70% of the Egyptians were against the ousting of President Morsi, and the census says this turnover seems to be rising. When military could oust a President for a minority’s wish, then why can’t they restore him for a majority’s wish? This is where the democracy further failed in Egypt.

On august 14th, The Interim Government took actions to clear the sit-in, in a brutal manner, which resulted in hundredes of killings and injures. Government claims it is only 700 who were killed. Nearly 500 were reported as arrested. Also state of emergency been imposed in Egypt right now. These missions highly violated basic human rights and against the approved peaceful sit-ins. Further government is now trying to exclude or ban on Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt and from Egypt’s politics.

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