Preserving Muslim Men’s Modesty

on Thursday, August 22, 2013

Islam is a religion that is logical, and it offers practical rules for both men and women so that they can present themselves as decent human beings along with being true followers of Islam.

Allah has ordered his Last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to tell his wives, daughters and all the other believing women that when they go out, they should always get covered with a complete veil on their heads, necks and bodies.

Women in Islam were asked to lower their gaze and cannot look at men with any glance of desire. On top of that, Allah has asked the Muslim women to cover themselves up in a manner so that their shawls are wrapped all around them which shouldn’t be appealing or striking. Their wraps have to cover them not tightly but completely while there shouldn’t be any disclosure of hair. Not to forget, their coverings should utterly cover their heads. Allah has ordered them to cover up in this way when they are outside so that they are recognized as Muslim women. Because of their decent clothing manner, people won’t be able to even identify their real selves. Moreover, it’ll lower the chances of women being victims of teasing and harassment. Also, the genuine reason, behind covering up Muslim women when they’re outside, is to overlook any interest or attention from men.

Well, now that looks like a lot of rules for women to cover up, doesn’t it? However, aren’t you wondering if there are any rules for men as well when it comes to the issue of lowering their gazes in Islam? Yes, there is.

Islam encourages men to lower their gaze and be saved from the Satan’s trap. In Surah An-Nur, it is stated that it is purer for the believing men to lower their gaze and protect their modesty. Also, when a man looks at any woman, the first glance is just a look, since it happens accidentally, but when the man glances again, that is erroneous.

We don’t really ask a man to lower his gaze as strictly as we order the women to cover up. Complexity in lowering the gaze by men is willingly apparent on the street, weddings, parties etc. To rectify these men, they have to follow a series of sensible, graphic advises which can work for them to set them free from Satan’s iron grip. When Allah created humans with all our urges and desires, he also disclosed adequate and absolute guidance to appropriately channel these desires. All we need to do is search it, think on it and follow it. Also whenever any enticing situation is faced, a man should immediately think about Allah’s commands. These associations, practice and the remembrance of Allah during alluring situations will avert men from glancing at the opposite gender.

Well, Islam teaches both men and women to guard their modesty and represent their decency in every way. Therefore, we should also be firm with the rule of Muslim men to lower their gazes.

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