The Relation Between All Religions

on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some people say there is God. Some people say there is no God. Some people feel it will be good if God exists. Some groups of people are conducting researches about the origin of the universe and eventually trying to figure out if God exists. The origin of God and the universe are some of the most obscure and unexplained things about the inception of civilizations. Then comes a notion called religion.

What is a religion?

Religion is described as just the pattern of worship and a way to feel God. These religions arose when the civilizations arose between chunks of people spread around the world. With respect to the differences in religion, new Gods have taken shape in each of them as a reflection of their own civilization in which some of them are being followed till now. So precisely, religion is just a vehicle to reach God which differs depending upon the people who worship God.

Values and ethics:

Based on religions, the values or the human ethics arose in every religion to be followed by the followers of that religion. This is where the relationship between different religions shows. Different religions have different principle in different forms that teach the people a way to live their lives. One big string is that, the principles laid down for all these religions are all nearly the same depicted in different forms.

The Christians have the Ten Commandments and the Holy Bible. The Muslims have the Holy Quran. The Hindus have many principles and the Bhagavad Gita and so on. All these religious factors have a common idea towards mankind and depict the way in which he or she should live in the universe. These common factors between the religions are the ones responsible for creating a bond of friendship and brotherhood among the people of different religions.

Some of the common factors that exist across all religions and have relation with each other are:

Faith in God: Every religion in the world asks this to be the first and foremost thing. Trust is the ultimate key towards reaching God by worship and hence all the religions follow this major principle irrespective of the differences.

Respecting and valuing other living thing: The world is full of other living creatures. So this is another important principle which refers to respecting another life as equal and one should not be responsible for harming another living thing in this universe. Though this idea has certain minor differences, the base point is very clear not to harm any other living creature in the world.

Being Truthful to God and other living things around us: Truth is one of the worlds oldest and the most respected values that was created through religions. It acts as a beacon of light to the people living on earth and shows the path which leads to a Godly life.

Tolerance: This is one value stressed by religion that was widely followed during times of wars. Tolerance is again a principle that aims at bringing no harm to humans.

So based on these common religious factors, one thing is strongly proven. There is only one kind of human and there is one God and faith being the only way to worship God. Though all the human beings of the world are separated by religions, we are the same, God’s children.

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