Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqqas: A Short Lifestory

on Sunday, August 18, 2013

His name was Abu Ishak Saad. the name of His father is Abu Waqqas Malik. The name of his mother is Amna. Hazrat Saad was one of those few people who turned into a Muslim in the beginning of Islam. His brother was hazrat Umair. He was martyred in the battle of Badr. His mother created a scene when she heard about the Islam of Saad. This story was in the 6th year from Nobuat. Though he converted to Islam earlier, but he didn’t tell his mother until the 6th year of Nobuat. She shouted aloud and told Saad to leave Islam. His mother, however, converted to Islam later.

Hazrat Saad was a very close friend of Abu Bakr. He got the news of Islam from that great man. He turned into Muslim by Abu Bakr’s impression. According to Saad, he was the 3rd man of Islam. He did Hijrat to Medina with all other Muslims. He was the worrier of light and a true Mujahid. He participated in all the battles of Islam. He was the fighter of Allah and the fighter of the ideology of Muhammad Sm. He fought in Badr valiantly.

Hazrat Saad also contributed in Uhud battle. In fact, he was an instinctive worrier. He was a wise man, as well. He was one of the major weapons of Islam. In the battle of Khondok, he uprooted an eye of a kafir and Rasulullah suddenly laughed at the scene. He was in many important charges during the khelafat of Abu Bakr. He brought a lot of subjugation for Islam during the khelafat of Omar. Hazrat Saad also contributed in the khelafat of Usman. After the martyr of Usman, he didn’t participate in the works of khelafat any more. After the martyr of Usman, Muslims were divided into many groups. They couldn’t uphold the instruction of Quran and Hadith about unity. They forgot about the teaching of Quran about brotherhood. At that time, Saad remained neutral. He didn’t take any side. Hazrat Saad was very much worried about the situation of Muslims. He followed the belief that hurting a Muslim is always forbidden.

He was always busy with the thought of a Muslim world, and he always thought of the way to Allah and His Rasul. He always was busy doing welfare for Islam and Muslim. He was one of those ten men who were given the good news of Jannat. Hazrat Saad was the worrier who never left. He always kept himself busy in the works of Islam. He was a true worrier of Rasulullah. He should be an origin of inspiration for us. May Allah dignify him hereafter as he dignified him in the earth.

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