What is happening in Egypt?

on Saturday, August 17, 2013

What is happening in Egypt? Is it an Egyptian Military coup? Is it a revolution of the Egyptian people? Is it peaceful? Is it terrorism? Are they Jihadists? Many similar questions were being asked during the last few months.

If watch the Egyptian channels, you find that it is not a coup. It is the free will of the people. Millions protested on the streets on the 30th of June refusing the let the ex-president, Mohamed Morsi, complete his term. Switch your TV to an American channel, you find it speaking about a military coup, mass killings and the army taking over! Where is the truth? Who is sending the wrong picture and why?

Simple analysis is needed to answer these two questions. One needs to think for a few minutes in order to build his opinion without brainwashing or picturing lies.

Millions of Egyptians, about 15 million, voted for the ex-president Mohamed Morsi after believing him, when he deceived them with his announcement of a complete predetermined development project for Egypt that would shift the standards of the country in all fields. He promised them that they would be the source of power! Then what?

The ex-president spent one year full of injustice, hired only members from the Muslim Brotherhood, his “Development Project” turned out to be a lie, all his speeches were full of jokes and lies, declared war on an Arab country…..! People decided to go on the Egyptian streets asking him to leave.

On the 30th of June, about 22 million protester who filled almost every corner of the Egyptian streets asked Morsi to step down! He refused to do so and asked his supporters to protest back. He further stated that it was over his dead body to leave!! The Egyptian people, who protested on the 30th of June, requested from the army to interfere and ouster president Morsi. The Egyptian army responded and General El-Sisi handed the presidency to another civilian president on the next day as per the Egyptian law.

Pro-Morsi Egyptians who were mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood decided to camp in front of Rabaa EL-Adawya Mosque asking for Morsi to be back. The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood threatened they would shake the stability of Sinai; and further burn Egypt, if Morsi was not back. They even announced a list of assassinations to be started by its members! They spoke of Jihad against Muslims just like them!

People living at Rabaa EL-Adawya neighborhood suffered from the Muslim Brotherhood protesters as they blocked the streets to the neighborhood, checked everyone going in or coming out, occupied the roofs of the buildings by force and the list goes one. Eventually, the neighbors filed complaints against them since they had the right to live peacefully. At that point, the police accompanied with the army had to evacuate the place for others to live safely.

As a normal reaction of evacuating their camps, the Muslim Brotherhood members went out to the streets very furious. The unmoral thing was that they started burning Egypt! They started killing peaceful passersby, burning churches, threatening to weaken the Egyptian army, breaking into the police stations and calling the USA to interfere. They started a Jihad against every anti-Morsi Egyptian calling him a disbeliever. Also as a normal reaction, the police and the army started to fight them back to have them start peaceful talks or go back to their homes and stop killing others!

Moving to the American reaction, the USA suddenly started to show its deep love to Islam! “OH, the Muslim Brotherhood members are being killed by the army in Egypt. We will stop our military aid and cooperation with Egypt.” The USA started sending its lies to the world showing dead bodies all over the Egyptian streets. President Obama kindly note that Egyptians do not fear the American threats; “Rebel Movement” even stated collecting signatures to stop the American aid officially and forever. As Egyptians say, “Thank you Mama America, we have Baba Russia!”

I am not stating here that some members of the Muslim Brotherhood were not killed. Yes, some were killed by the Egyptian army, but if someone raised the gone at our face, what would you do? Someone, who is not only pointing a gun at your face, but also is putting his legs on one of your family members, wouldn’t you stop him? Or you would just get killed and let him rape your relative!

Why the USA is a pro-Islam country now? Is it encouraging the so-called Islamists to set the nation apart? Do you still think it is a coup? Do you think any protester has the right to sleep on the roof of your building and check the bag and the body of your daughter whenever she gets in or out of her home? Do you still think the army shouldn’t help the police when it comes to terrorist groups using weapons as a way for expressing their anger? Do you still think that it was better to leave a lair as our president for three years more to have another “National Democratic Party” like Mubarak’s, which had wrapped his iron arms on the country?

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