Western Culture and Its Impact on Islam

on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It is a known fact that Muslims all over the world are in the middle of a grave identity crisis. This statement is more applicable for Muslims people living in the Western countries. It has become very difficult for Muslims in western countries which identity should they take up. Not many adolescents have the inalienable capability to observe right from wrong and exceptional from terrible. The western culture is very attractive for most of the people in the West. Therefore, it seems very difficult for Muslims to avoid the western culture. People in the whole world consider the western culture as the superior culture which offers the freedom of life, freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

It seems that people in western countries consider Muslims culture as being ‘backward’. It is easy to understand that the West had the latest and advanced technology. A hold over advanced technology helps the west to extend its vision very fast, and create a strong community opinion in its favor. The Western culture is attractive and dominant due to advanced technology and expertise. The West should be admired because it can spread and convey its message against Islam or in favor of itself fast. Now the western culture is dominant in the whole world. People adopt to and are proud of this Western culture. When it comes to defending Islamic culture and concept, Muslims should pick the pace. Now, the anti-Islamic stories and misconceptions are flowing in the whole world.

Now, most of Muslims are getting turned off from ideal Islamic culture. Let us look at ‘purdah’ it has become the most important difference between the Islamic and the Western culture. How is ‘purdah’ interpreted by the West? Although it applies to both men and women with a different degree, the West explains purdah as gender discrimination against women. The West considers it a violation of women rights or a cage for any woman. The West encourages women to be fashionable. It is a fact that purdah is most important for women because it provides maximum protection to them. It is not similar to a cage. In reality, purdah is a fortress in which woman alone is the queen. Islam gives more rights and protection to women in comparison to other religions. Any woman, who has no information about the extraordinary place Islam gives her, will certainly pick the western idea.

Islam teaches man to treat his woman with great respect, love and care. He should protect his woman like a delicate and valuable flower. Currently, more and more people in the Muslim communities are being convinced with the Western culture because they have little information about Islam. Some Muslim youngsters are also diverting from the way of Islam.

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