Hazrat Ammar Ibn Yasir – Radiallahu Anhu

on Sunday, August 18, 2013

His name is Ammar. His kuniat is “Abul Yakjan”. The name of his father is Yasir and mother is Sumaiya. They were from of Kahtan tribe. His father Yasir had lost one of his brothers, so he came to Makkah along with his brothers to find him, but they couldn’t. Then the brothers went back to home except Yasir. He married the slave of Bonu Makhjum, Sumaiya. Hazrat Ammar was the son of Sumaiya. Hazrat Ammar accepted Islam in his tender age. He stated the story like this, “one day I met Suhaib before the house of Arkam ibn Abil Arkam. I asked him, what was your purpose? Then Suhaib asked me about my purpose. Then I told him I intended to meet Muhammad Sm. He said, he also wanted to meet Muhammad (PBUH). We went to him together and accepted Islam together”.

Hazrat Ammar was so devoted that he couldn’t conceal his belief even a single day. Though Muslims were enduring great crisis at that time, Ammar announced his belief bravely. After the proclamation, he was seriously oppressed along his family. They were not powerful, so they underwent a terrible taste of torture. The Kafirs of Makkah tortured them so terribly that was absolutely hard to bear. The infamous enemy of Allah Abu Jehel martyred his mother cruelly. His mother Sumaiya is the first martyr of Islam. His father was also martyred.

They used to oppress on Hazrat Ammar in distinctive ways. They used to leave him in burning ashes, beat him brutally. The barber kafirs had no kindness in their hearts. They were ignorant and cruel but Ammar was a true Muslim. He underwent all cruelties silently. He was very patient. He endured everything for Islam, but he didn’t go back to ignorance. After hijrat, Muslims were building a mosque in El-Madina and Hazrat Ammar was working with the prophet (PBUH) while singing, “We are the Muslims and we build mosque”. At that time, the prophet predicted that Ammar would be martyred by a group of revolt.

He was a great worrier of Islam. He fought in all the battles of Islam. One day in a battlefield, Muslim fighters were in crisis and were about to flee. At that moment, Hazrat Ammar shouted and asked the Muslims “Are you fleeing away from Jannat?” this sentence worked like magic and Muslims got back into the battle and won.

He had contributions in Abu Bakar’s khelafat. Similarly, he contributed in Omar’s khelafat greatly. After the martyr of Usman, Muslims fell in great crisis. During the khelafat of Ali, Muslims began to fight between brothers. Hazrat Ammar was fighting for Ali in the war of Siffin, and he was martyred in that war. He was a man of dignity. May Allah magnify his dignity.

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