Are Islam and Hitler Concepts Similar?

on Friday, August 16, 2013

Adolf Hitler the German ruler born in 1889, in Austria, his father and mother were strict Catholics, and he was brought up in the same religious atmosphere. Here, I will explain the religious concepts of Adolf Hitler in comparison with fundamental Islamic ideology.

Though the ideology of Adolf Hitler was very religious and used to go to church but his close friends gave an opposite opinion about his religious believes. His close friends revealed the fact that the religious attachment of the Adolf Hitler was opportunistic just to win his fame among the people, and also to get the ethical and religious help of the German churches. Adolf Hitler had very practical concepts of religion and indeed he was very brutal when there was war against the Jews. Although Hitler once stated that religious conflicts alone were not enough to kill someone but practically what he had done to eliminate the Jews was very opposite to the statement he said. Adolf Hitler believed that the Jew were a big scar on humanity and indeed the cause of all the problems of the Christians and especially German Christians. He did not want a single person in the Jewish community to exist on this earth, and he tried his best to get rid of the Jews. He not only evacuated Germany from the Jews, but he wanted to eliminate the Jewish religion from all over the world. He faced all world forces as they turned against him, but in his desire to eliminate the Jews, he never stopped until the biggest war ever on the surface of the earth. He was also against the preaching of Christianity in countries other than Europe. He once said “the churches should stop their missionary in African countries and should concentrate in Europe to finish the differences between the Christians and make them more practicing Christians”. Some of his friends said that he had a plan to take over all the churches and that he hated the religious view of Christianity, but these things were not proved about him and remained as the rumors.

Contrary to the thinking of Adolf Hitler, Islam is an enlightened religion. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said that the Christians and Jews both can never be friends of the Muslims, but Hitler just hated the Jews, and he himself was a confirmed Catholic. Moreover, Islam discourages the killing of innocent people, women and children during wars, and civilians are just said to be either convert to Islam, but if cannot, then just pay the taxes and then the Islamic ruler will be held responsible for the security of their lives, livelihood and assets.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said “killing of one innocent civilian is the murder of the whole humanity”. So in short the ideology of Hitler and Islam are based on opposite concepts.

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