Traditional Muslim Clothing – Matrimonial Guide

on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Muslims often wear traditional dresses on events like at Eid or on special occasions. The fact to be noted is whatever a Muslim man or woman wears, must conceal the body adequately. There are a number of evidences found in the Holy Quran. Also, Prophet Mohamed was found to have socks for the protection of the feet so that heat could not affect his skin. Traditional Muslim clothing is particularly demanding that a male Muslim should cover his body from navel to knee at least. There is a complete difference between the male and female dressing in Islam.

For a woman it is highly suggested that women should have all portions of the body covered except for the palms, they can be left uncovered. Practically, there are a number of things that are adopted in Islam that have a perfect logic behind them, like in traditional Muslim clothing males should cover their heads with a cap or turban. Scientifically, it is important for the head to be covered in both summer and winter.

Color do have an important role to play in attire, as in traditional Muslim clothing, there are some limitations of colors for both Muslim men and women.The colors should not be flashy or eye-catching.The major purpose of the clothing should be fulfilled as the dress should conceal the whole body.The point on which Islam emphasizes the most is that there should be no resemblance in the attire of both men and women. Moreover, there should be a complete difference in dress code for both males and females.

In traditional Muslim clothing, elongated shirts are recommended for Muslim men. The concept behind the elongated shirts for men is that the attire should be covering at least to the knees.

The Muslims living is western societies do face some problems regarding the dress code, but Muslims are expected to dress according to the teachings of Islam. Matrimonial dresses are different from that of ordinary dresses, but the conditions are the same as that of ordinary dresses. Women should not have that kind of dress that draws attention towards her. There is no sense of admiration used in traditional Muslim clothing and Muslim men is not allowed to wear silk clothes. Also, gold is prohibited for men in Islam.

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