What is “beauty” for a woman?

on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Allah Almighty created the first man, Prophet Adam (A.S) on earth and from his ribs; He created Mother Huwa (A.S) to have him someone to talk to, someone to look at. Women add beauty to this world, and are a reason this world still thrives. They have the most significant role to play on earth, almost equal to that of a man as Allah has set the system of nature to provide each their justice.

“Does a woman have the right to look beautiful?” Of course, she does! In fact, every creature on the face of the planet has that right, and nobody can ever steal it. A flower has the right to blossom; a man has the right to dress well, and a woman has the right to make her presentable. The question must be, “What really do you mean by looking beautiful?”

What do you think of when you hear/see the word, ‘beautiful?’ Do you imagine something coated with beautiful colors? Do you consider beauty as that of a flower with dizzying perfume? Do you take beauty as an artificial show-piece that has been decorated with accessories? Or do you take beauty as something hidden yet radiating decency, delicacy and innocence, and despite feeling the urge to take a full view; you do not dare take another step? It depends on what image is fixated or accepted by your standards or mind when the word, “beautiful” comes in view.

“Aurat” (translation of woman in Urdu) is the term that means “something hidden.” Allah Almighty has created that conscience, that urge, and that natural response in a woman to cover herself and stay behind in a crowd. No woman would like to come out and display herself in a huge mob of strangers since Allah has added those characteristics in them; they feel better and safer when covered, unless in case of conscience completely to pits, without any care of morals and integrity or dignity of being a woman.

Yes, every woman has the right to look beautiful as much as she wants, but that beauty must not be intentionally displayed to every passing stranger. It is perfectly alright to dress up and apply colors for oneself, but if the intention is contaminated with the secret desire of going out in that attractive attire, Islam strictly forbids this deed for any woman. Apply make-up, wear accessories and wear fashionable clothes, but it all must be for an innocent intention. However, it is quite easy for a human nature to get tempted in a wrong way, and that is why Allah Almighty likes His Muslim women to be covered when in a crowd. It crushes the natural decency of a woman, and completely damages her reputation and her dignity. Which is what is happening today; with media showcasing thousands of women who have no morals, and shaping an image in the population’s mind that the better entertainment is to let the hair loose and step out of the house to attract attention than wrapping a cloth from head to toe and discreetly pass away from the bazaars of strangers. Beauty today is taken for a woman who is highlighted in loud colors, in fashionably-crude clothes and who is dead confident as well as takes pride in approaching a man herself.

While we’re at it, it is also among one of the signs of Qayamat that had to appear; that beauty of a woman would be categorized in being loud and confident than being shy and covered.

Yes, every woman has the full right to look beautiful, but that beauty must be reserved only for her husband. If we justify our stepping out in society while dressed up attractively by saying that it is we are who we’re dressed up for, then it is better to take a “Chadr” along that should be worn when in a crowd, and taken off if the place is empty or with only girl-friends. However, in short, it is not appropriate for a woman to go out while looking “beautiful” as it would unintentionally attract many eyes. If you seek to look beautiful for yourself, better be sure that you are quite pretty and do not need to take help from make-up and tightly-stitched clothes to prove that. Beauty, once again, for a woman is in simplicity and decency. No matter how dull and boring you look without an eye-liner or gloss, Allah Almighty is the Creator of all of us and He has added the element of “natural beauty” in all women, with or without make-up. It’s just about believing in yourself, and in your beauty that is not hard to obtain, or not necessary to pair with applying loud colors. But quite easy to have if your inner-self and intentions are just as beautiful as your face. Believe me, try it for once.

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