Are All Religions Equal?

on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It is a very conflicting topic to discuss; are all religions equal? Many people might deny, while many more might agree to it. When conversing and discussing this issue, it is known that many of us, belonging to any religion from the many religions in the world, do not give much thought to the in-depth and correct answer to this question. They utter either yes or no, listening to what their common sense say. People say yes to it because they feel arrogant to claim the other religious beliefs as wrong, which is also the case with me. While those who are firm in study and are scholars would feel glad to contradict that ‘yes’ and throw some very simple yet uneasy questions that you won’t be able to reply without wriggling out of your first answer.

So let’s discuss whether every religion really is equal or not.

If we speak in terms of respect and dignity of each, then almost all religions are equal in esteem, excluding Hinduism or those that are void of any belief of existence of God whatsoever. Christianity and Islam particularly, deserve the utmost respect since they are blessed with a Book that came from Allah. True that Christians believe Jesus is God, but Muslims must never lose its dignity at that false statement, since Jesus was a sacred man, or a prophet in other words, according to Quran. Whereas for Hinduism and Buddhists, there is no mention of their respect, and neither it is obligatory to demonstrate so.

Coming to the main meaning behind the question, I believe no, every religion is not equal. If all religions did speak the same language, or rather the correct language, then these branches of various religions would not have existed. If we spoke the same reason, there wouldn’t have been any need for putting different beliefs and practices. In short, there would have been single religion that taught every human what was correct. No, every religion is not equal in beliefs and standards.

Let’s take Christianity and Islam to tackle it further among the major religions across the world. Christianity teaches that Jesus was God and he is the solve means of salvation and reaching Father. On the other hand, Islam strictly condemns Shirk (associating partners with Allah) which is what Christianity is. Islam teaches that Allah is alone, One and Single, Everlasting and Creator of this universe. He neither has a son, nor is He a father. Does that make both religions equal?

True, both of these religions may guide mankind to a better life, and at being a better human being. Both may even match in those tips. Both may support fasting, praying and leaving this world for hereafter. The sole difference, of Oneness of Allah shadows all other synchrony of beliefs and practices. The difference in beliefs, in Books, in Prophets, in mere existence and power of God quite clearly says that all religions are not equal.

There is a vast difference in beliefs of every religion, and which is why the Hell and Heaven, the Dooms Day and this world alone are created. What is the purpose of our life here, when our actual destiny is in hereafter? The purpose is to be left here as a stranger, and seek out what is right and wrong. Seek out the correct path to God among the tangled web of beliefs. See out Him and what He is. Those who succeed in this venture, they get to be in Heaven and the rest in other.

It is not arrogant to claim the beliefs of other religion are wrong, because the one on the right path, the correct religion would not feel the hesitance in claiming the right. Hence, if anyone asks you the same question, confidently deny it and enlighten him/her on which actually is the correct religion.

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