Muslims Aren’t Biased and Racists

on Friday, August 16, 2013

Are Muslims Biased and Racist? This is a question that many people ask in the West. There were many cases where people reported that Muslims were being victims of racism, but there were also many observations by people who were Muslims themselves were also racists and biased in many cases with certain ethnicities.

Islam encourages equality and freedom. Biasness and Racism are something that the Prophet discouraged between his followers and friends. What we need to understand is that it is not the religion itself that should be blamed for the doing of some followers. Racism and Biasness based on ethnicity is something that is not linked to any religion or race. It is something that is within certain people. Just like any other place and religion, there are probably many Muslims who are racists, but that does not mean that these terms should be associated with Islam or all of Muslims.

The teachings of the Quran and Prophet tell us that all people are born equal, and everyone has equal rights. It is well explained in Islam that it is a supreme religion which encourages its followers to always try and convince non Muslims to convert to Islam no matter which religion, race or ethnicity they are from. At the time of the Prophet, there were many cases where the good behavior and kindness of the Prophet towards the non followers and even prisoners convinced them to convert to Islam.

Islam does teach the Muslims to keep a fair distance away from non Muslims in terms of daily life activities. The purpose of this is not to encourage racism but in order not to get too much involved with the non-Muslims so they start taking on their non-Muslim habits. In many western countries, the hesitancy of the Muslims to interact with others and the habit of staying away from the others make many people think that Muslims are racists. This is something which Muslims should be aware of as well so that they can take care and make sure that others do not feel this way.

Of course, just like any other religion and many other people, there are racists between Muslims. In other words, there are definitely racist between Muslims but to say that all Muslims are racist is a wrong statement.

If we look at the teachings of the Quran and understand what it says, we will see that it explains that all humans are made equal by Allah. Some are lucky that they are born in Muslim families, and others are not that lucky. For all the humans, Allah does promise that he does give them all the chance to learn about Islam and to possibly except Islam at least once in their life. All humans who are not Muslims will always get a chance to get the message of Islam and a chance to accept it if they want. Similarly, all Muslims are also taught that they are to treat all humans equally, and there should be no racism.

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