Importance of EidulFitar

on Saturday, August 10, 2013

Celebrated every year, EidUlFitar is one of the most festive events for Muslims all over the world. This Eid is celebrated after the end of Ramadan, the holiest of all months. It has been notified as the celebration after spending such a holy month in good health and wealth. Although there are two Eids in Islam , yet this Eid is celebrated the most. People gather from all around the world to have fun in Pakistan. Pakistan becomes a whole new city at the arrival of Eid filled with lights and colors. Nothing can be compared to the celebrated Eid here in Pakistan when men and women of all ages gather in open areas to offer prayers and thank God Almighty for everything He has granted them.

Importance for children:

As EidUlFitar is an incomparable event, it brings happiness to people of all ages. Children aging from 5 years to sixteen are the most rewarded at this Eid. They are given “Eidi” which is some monetary value according to the giver. This money is like a gift for the child for praying and fasting during Ramadan. All children dress up in traditional clothes and shoes, and go collecting Eidi from all their relatives and elder siblings. The children even compete about collecting the most Eidi. This Eidi is either spent on buying new video games or clothes. Wherever it is spent in, the end result is happiness on the faces of little children.

Importance for girls:

All girls like to dress up, and this is the festival that requires the best dressing up ever. They pour Mehndi or Hena on their hands and feet. Just one night before Eid i.e. the night of the crescent, the girls get ready in their cars and go for shopping spree. They buy all kinds of bangles and jewelry pieces that match perfectly with their Eid dresses. Special dresses are stitched and bought for this purpose. The application of Mehndi during the crescent night makes the beauticians their livings for the rest of the year. Girls go for crazy shopping because they want to look the best on this festival, as the best looking girl will get the most Eidi! There is excitement and joy in all the streets and even houses because of these girls who gear up to go for shopping.

Joy all over:

During Eid, Pakistan become a full of sensation country. Streets and houses are lightened with bulbs and tube lights. Usually, people stay awake the whole night before Eid. Three days of Eid is an occasion that brings all the relatives together, mends all the broken hearts, and brings those who haven’t spoken for years. Eid holds a very important impact on the lives of all Muslims.

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